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Faculty & Staff

Contacting Economics Faculty 

Economics faculty offices are located on the fourth floor of Zane Showker Hall.  Mailboxes are in ZSH 436. The mailing address is MSC 0204, James Madison University, 421 Bluestone Drive, Harrisonburg, Virginia 22807. Telephone messages may be left with the Senior Administrative Support Staff, Carrie Sensabaugh, in ZSH 433, phone (540) 568-3216. The fax number for the department is (540) 568-3010.

Faculty Teaching Schedules and Office Hours - FALL 2016 (click for listings)



Dr. Ehsan Ahmed, Department Head and Professor of Economics, 540-568-3215

Dr. Vipul Bhatt, Associate Professor of Economics, 540-568-3220

Dr. Bruce G. Brunton, Assistant Professor of Economics, 540-568-3211

Dr. Nevin Cavusoglu, Associate Professor of Economics and International Business, 540-568-8752

Dr. Joanne M. DoyleAssociate Professor of Economics, 540-568-3030

Dr. S. Kirk Elwood, Professor of Economics and International Business, 540-568-3098

Dr. T. Windsor Fields, Professor of Economics, 540-568-3097

Dr. Zachary Gochenour, Lecturer of Economics, 540-568-3009

Dr. William C. Grant, Professor of Economics and Faculty Advisor of Omicron Delta Epsilon, 540-568-3180

Mr. Philip S. Heap, Lecturer of Economics and Faculty Advisor of Madison Economics Club, 540-568-3031

Dr. Bob Horn, Professor of Economics and International Business, 540-568-3219

Dr. Robert T. Jerome, Professor of Economics and International Business, 540-568-3029

Dr. Scott R. Milliman, Associate Professor of Economics, 540-568-3213

Dr. Andre Neveu, Assistant Professor of Economics, 540-568-3221

Dr. John Robinson, Lecturer of Economics, 540-569-3096

Dr. J. Barkley Rosser, Jr., Professor of Economics; Kirby L. Cramer Chair of Business Administration, 540-568-3212

Dr. Marina V. Rosser, Professor of Economics and International Business, 540-568-3094

Dr. Mona Sameni, Lecturer of Economics, 540-568-3207

Dr. Angela  M. Smith, Assistant Professor of Economics, 540-568-3218

Dr. J. Robert Subrick, Associate Professor of Economics, 540-568-3083

Dr. William C. Wood, Director, Center for Economic Education and Professor of Economics, 540-568-3243


Ms. Carrie F. Sensabaugh, Senior Administrative Support Staff, 540-568-3216