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Suzanne Fiederlein, Ph.D., joined CISR in 1999, and served as Senior Research Associate and Victim Assistance team leader before becoming Associate Director in 2010. Her work at CISR has included a number of information management projects, including providing support to the development of the International Mine Action Standards in 1999-2001 and managing the International Mine Action Standards website for ten years. She also became a recognized authority on landmine/ERW casualty data systems (wrote the Landmine Casualty Data: Best Practices Guidebook in 2008) and has actively participated in efforts to enhance the effectiveness of casualty data collection and management via IMSMA and other information management systems. Among her other varied project work for CISR, she has managed the “We Love Life” Mine Risk Education project in Jordan, victim assistance activities in Latin America, and program planning and evaluation workshops and studies.  As coordinator of management training for CISR, Dr. Fiederlein directs the ERW/Mine Action Senior Managers’ Courses, both those conducted ten times at JMU since 2004 and those implemented on a regional basis (Central Asia, in Tajikistan 2014; Southeast Asia, in Vietnam 2015; Southeast Europe, in Croatia 2017).  In addition to project management, Dr. Fiederlein leads many of CISR’s team-based grant writing initiatives, with successful grants totaling over $2.8 million in FY 2014-17. She holds graduate degrees in Latin American Studies (M.A., Univ. Of Texas) and Political Science (Ph.D., Univ. of Arizona) and has served on the faculty of James Madison University, Virginia Commonwealth University and Eastern Mennonite University.  Her fields of academic research include refugee policy, international law and organizations, and Latin American politics.

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