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Solidaritaetsdienst-international e.V. (SODI)

Organization Information

Organization Name:
Solidaritaetsdienst-international e.V. (SODI)

Organization Type:

Mission Statement:
SODI supports people exposed to politcal and social hardships caused by injustice, underdevelopment and the violation of human rights. It practices solidarity with people who suffer persecution on racist, ethnic or religious grounds and helps victims of wars and natural desasters.

Contact Information

Full Mailing Address:
GrevesmŸhlener Stra§e 16
D-13059 Berlin


Phone Number:
+49 (0)-920 90 930

Fax Number:
+49 (0)30-920 90 93-29

Email Address:


    Activity Detail(s)

  • Other

    Country(ies) of Operation

  • Cambodia
  • India
  • Iraq
  • Mozambique
  • Namibia
  • Vietnam
  • Angola
  • Belarus
  • Sudan
  • Afghanistan
  • Nicaragua
  • Laos
  • Cuba