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Counter Explosive Hazards Center

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Lead agent to synchronize and integrate countermine and counter booby trap concepts, technology, and material across the DOTMLPF spectrum to support assured mobility, protect the force, defeat mine and explosive hazards in the contemporary operational environment, and ensure we maintain a superiority in all facets of countermine warfare. Overarching functions: 1.Science & technology: accomplished by forensic analysis of explosive incidents anywhere in the world. Incidents are tracked to determine if new detonating, device, or employment techniques appear. New devices or employment techniques are acquired and reverse engineered to rapidly develop DOTMLPF solutions and get them to the field. 2.Intel fusion and distribution: maintain virtual links to the intelligence communities to develop and maintain maps of known mined areas in U.S. areas of interest. Develop and maintain resident and deployable databases of mine threats to provide planners assessments of explosive threats to mobility and force protection. Track mine types and their employment in different regions. 3.Operations & training: execute resident and deployable training to the training base and to deploying and deployed units. Focus training to match detection and neutralization technologies with the threat, and integrate countermine training into the collective combined arms team.

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464 MANSCEN Loop, Suite 2691
Ft. Leonard Wood, MO 65473


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(573) 563-4085

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(573) 563-8180

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