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1100 Cloverdale St Oshawa Ontario CanadaL1H 4E4

Position Wanted:
Any within Mine Action

Glenn W Smith,

Quality Assurance Safety Officer

Areas of Expertise:

Explosive Remnants of War remediation specialist.

Project Management (organizing/leading/supervising of up to 250 person team).

Training personnel in  specialized techniques of remediation

Quality Assurance, Quality Control Officer/Advisor

Office Management

Contract Management/Project Scope Preparation.

Tender management and evaluation

Logistical Management.

Financial managing of Multi-Million dollar projects

Security Overview Assessment.

Health and Safety advisor

Accident/incident Investigator/Coordinator


Nov 2016-Present:  South Sudan United Nations Mine Action Services (UNMAS) Quality

        In support of UNMAS South Sudan, Manage Sub-office operations and conducting QAQC of all UNMAS Implementing Partners (IPs) field operations. Review and verify all reports from IPs, visit, monitor and report on all activities of the IPs in accordance with Contractual agreements, standards and Operating Procedures. Verify Contractual statistics and reports, visit work sites to visually inspect works in progress and completed and ensure compliance with various scopes including work progress, health and safety and investigation of incidents and accidents.  Work with Contractor staff to overcome shortfalls and critical non-conformalities. Monitor production, implement emergency taskings when required, ensure support to other Mission elements and partners is maintained. Monitor Training and Conduct operational accreditations for new Contractor staff and teams. Assist with all administrative duties associated with normal project implementation HR, Financial, logistics, Contracts, staffing and manning.

Dec 2012-Jun 2016:  Northern Iraq Project Manager and QA/QC Consultant For Oil and Gas

Managing Remediation of lands in support of Seismic and field development operations in Northern Iraq for Exxon Mobil. My duties were to prepare Scope of Works, issue tenders, evaluate and select Contractors and oversee actual operations on the ground. This also included financial managements of 3 sub-contractors to the oil company.

        Conduct QA and QC on all operations and to assist Client HSE Representative with planning and

        Oversee other ongoing projects; assist personnel with various administrative taskings to include transportation, Visa Residencies, meetings with various International Oil Companies (IOCs) within Northern Iraq and proposal preparations. Job entails managing multiple projects simultaneously and reporting back to head office.

        Perform various Business Development duties; meeting with IOCs and briefing them on company

        Report to and work with National Authorities of Kurdistan, Northern Iraq. Register projects, and report progress.

Qualifications and Courses:

1982, Completed high school, diploma;

1983, Joined Canadian Forces; Army, Paratrooper.

1987, Occupational transferred to Ammunition Technician/Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician, Canadian Forces;

1989, Successfully completed Basic Explosive Ordnance Disposal course;

1993, Successfully completed Canadian Explosive Ordnance Disposal /Improvised Explosive Device Disposal course, became member of the CFB Gagetown Bomb Disposal Unit;

1996, Successfully completed Advanced Explosive Ordnance Disposal /Improvised Explosive Device Disposal course training at Army School of Ammunition, Kinton, England; Promoted to Centre Chief, Bomb Disposal Unit;

1998, successfully completed International Explosive Ordnance Disposal at Naval School Explosive Ordnance Disposal at Indianhead, Maryland USA.

Department of National Defence Safety Management Course;

St John Ambulance First aid, CPR;

Workplace Hazardous material information system;

Dept of National Defence Shipper/Receiver Dangerous Goods course;

Dealing with unacceptable employee behaviour;

Process Auditing Concepts;

Public Service Staffing course;

Military Junior Leaders course;

Military Senior Leaders course;

Ammunition Supervisors course;

Military Justice/Presiding Officer Course;

Diploma in Police Sciences.

Various computer courses (MS Office)

Jan 2012-Dec 2012:  Mozambique, Project Manager and QA/QC Consultant

Land Remediation in support of Seismic operation in Northern Mozambique. My duties were to prepare Scopes of Works, assist with Contract, offer for tender, evaluate and select Contractors and oversee actual clearance operations on the ground. Observe report and advice on all safety awareness during operations and to assist Client HSE Representative with planning, coordination and Inspection.

Jun 2010-Nov 2011: Iraq Offshore,  Project Consultant:

Underwater clearance of Pipe line route, Persian Gulf. Day to day management of the project clearance team including survey and mitigation contractors.

Technical authority for all Remediation matters, reporting directly to the client

Direct liaison with the client, Main contractor and security forces to ensure minimum delays are incurred.

Approval and implementation of work plans for both survey and mitigation.

Assist with Safety oversight of a fleet of 4 vessels to ensure compliance with international and national legislation and best practice guidelines.

19 Jun 2009-10 July 2009:  Mozambique, ERW Project Manager and QA/QC Consultant

Contract and manage the clearance of Drilling site in Northern Mozambique. My duties were to prepare Scope of Works, assist with Contract, offer for tender, evaluate and select Contractor and oversee actual remediation operations on the ground. Observe report and advice on all hazards and safety awareness during clearance operations and to assist Client HSE Representative with planning, coordination and inspection.

25 Mar 2009-27 Apr 2009: Papua New Guinea, Demining QA/QC Consultant

On behalf of oil company conducting oil/gas Drilling operation in Papua New Guinea, my duties were to oversee clearance operations, observe, report and advise on all Landmines and unexploded ordnance safety awareness during clearance operations and to assist Client HSE Representative with planning and coordination.

25 Jan 2009-20 Feb 2009: Libya, QA/QC Consultant

On behalf of Oil Company conducting oil/gas Drilling and seismic operations in Libya, my duties are to instruct, observe, report and advise on all Mines/UXO safety awareness during operations and to assist Client HSE Representative with planning and coordination.

04 Dec 2007-16 Nov 2008: Mozambique, QA/QC Consultant

Member of a Project Planning Team for the 2D Seismic Project;

Participated in Project Planning, assisting with logistical, administrative, legal and financial procedures;

Organized the Land Remediation Contract. Overseeing Request for Proposals, review of tenders, selection and mobilization of subcontracted clearance companies; Worked with Client Contracts manager and legal team to ensure contracts were properly set up in accordance with Company policy and Mozambique regulations;

Assisted with the planning and institution of equipment requirements, additional services required such as security, construction, and project management;

Liaised with National Authorities of Mozambique to ensure national policies and guidelines were followed for the project;

Managed all field remediation operations liaising with Contractors, Seismic Managers and Client Project Manager;

Conduct daily visits to clearance sites to ensure clearance procedures and safety precautions are conducted as per contracts and Client safety standards;

Following the completion of lands remediation was selected to join the Clients Seismic Management Team, to assist the Seismic Managers with Operations and Project Management.

06 Oct 2006-10 Nov 2007: Libya, QA/QC Technical Consultant for Seismic Projects

On behalf of oil companies conducting oil/gas exploration in Libya; my duties as a consultant were to observe report and advice on all Landmines and Unexploded Ordnance clearance operations.

Assist in contract preparation, tendering, selection and mobilization of subcontracted clearance companies;

Conduct threat assessments of area of responsibilities (AORs), maintain a constant awareness and conduct re assessments as required;

Conduct daily visits to clearance sites to ensure clearance procedures and safety precautions are conducted as per contracts and Client safety standards;

Conduct visual/manual clearance of seismic lines as a QC measure;

Report daily to the Client on all aspects of the clearance operation;

Prepare detailed mapping of areas using GPS and Various Mapping software;

Maintain a database of information on all clearance work conducted;

Liaison with local civilian, military and governmental authorities.

12 Jun 2006-27 Aug 2006: Sudan, Technical Advisor Mine Action Capacity Development, United Nations Development Program (UNDP)

Advise National Authorities in Southern Sudan on efforts to build national/local capacity to undertake all aspects of mine action as an integral part of Southern Sudan's programme of post conflict recovery and development, focusing on institutional and individual capacity development.

To provide advice to the National Authorities on the mainstreaming of mine action into national and sector development plans and to promote cooperation and collaboration between the mine action community and the broader development community;

To support the Senior Technical Advisor to coordinate the provision of UNDP sponsored senior and middle level management training, and mine action exchange programmes;

17 Nov 2005-5 June 2006: DR Congo, Technical Operations Manager (TOM), Mines Advisory Group (MAG)

MAG is a leading INGO involved with Landmine and Explosive Remnants of War remediation worldwide.

My Duties of Technical Operations Manager were to lead, oversee and manage all aspects of mine clearance and Explosive Ordnance Disposal operations and related administrative, logistical tasks in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in accordance with Standard Operating Procedures, ensuring that these are consistent with the Clients policies and mandate;

In cooperation and support of the Country Programme Manager develop the country programme strategy, plans, proposals and budgets with regards to technical training and operations in line with the Clients mission and mandate;

To manage all client technical staff within the country of operations;

To conduct assessments and other technical missions on behalf of client in country of operations and worldwide as required by the Head of Operations, Headquarters Manchester UK.

16 Feb 2004-17 Nov 2005: Northern Iraq, Technical Field Manager (TFM) Mines Advisory Group (MAG)

Supervising Minefield clearance and Explosive Ordnance Disposal operations. Responsible to the Technical Operations Manager for all demining personnel in the clients Iraq program (260 persons Erbil Sector). As well as responsible to Country Program Manager for all administrative personnel assigned to the operational sectors in the program sector;

Meeting with community leaders, reconnaissance of dangerous areas (minefields and Explosive Ordnance Disposal clearance sites), planning clearance tasks, tasking clearance teams, setting up operations and overseeing final clearance, utilizing administrative base and assets within;

Training of local staff in minefield clearance and Explosive Ordnance Disposal operations. During December 04 to Feb 05 I was sent to DRC Africa to assist with MAG operations in training 2 demining / Explosive Ordnance Disposal clearance teams;

Plan and organize Mechanical clearance operations utilizing available mechanical resources (Flails, mechanical Rollers, Excavators);

Plan and organize Minefield Detection Dog assets,

Conduct Quality Assurance evaluations for all processes and techniques ensure all comply with International regulations and clients Standard Operational Procedures;

Work with Community Liaison/Mine Risk Education teams, planning, coordinating teams, reviewing/analysing information gathered and acting upon that info. Work with the program Community Liaison Advisor to assist and plan for clearance activities and assessments;

Preparing various documentation and reports for the Operational Manager and Country Program Manager. Writing weekly and monthly reports detailing production, administrative, monetary, HR information, and future planning. Prepare work plans for 6-12 month intervals incorporating all assets. Investigating incidents and accidents and preparing appropriate reports;

Writing and amending Standard Operating Procedures, conducting testing and evaluations of present equipment and procedures;

Investigating accidents, preparing reports and taking action to avoid re-occurrence;

Writing training plans, administrative orders, implementing plans, running courses;

5 Aug 03-1 Oct 03: Canadian Forces Base, Ontario Canada, Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician with the company Notra At Canadian Forces Base Petawawa, Ontario

Explosives Ordnance Disposal (EOD)  Technical Supervisor;

Conducted/supervised EOD clearance team.

2001-2002: Kandahar, Afghanistan, Canadian Forces Battle Group, Afghanistan, Senior Ammunition Technician for Operation Apollo in Afghanistan

Identified and disposed of Unexploded Ordnance;

Worked with other coalition countries (USA, Germany, Norway) disposing of unexploded ordnance.

1983-2001: Canadian Forces, Ammunition Technician/Explosive Safety Supervisor

Served in the Canadian Military from 1983 to 2003 with an Honourable discharge, retired with the rank of Warrant Officer;


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