Last Updated Name Position Wanted
Dec 3, 2018 Gregory Zalaskus I am retiring from 25 years of State Government service effective August 2016. I am looking for an opportunity to assist with humanitarian demining efforts in a support capacity. I believe my skill sets and experience would allow me to effectively assist with land use planning including development of institutional/engineering controls of munitions contaminated land.
Dec 3, 2018 Elizabeth Jordan Wilhelm Community Coordinator
Dec 3, 2018 Nabeel Ismail Tutu Mine Action technical field manger
Dec 3, 2018 Peter Thompson EOD Team leader/Mentor,Trainer
Dec 3, 2018 Jacobus Johannes Strydom Management, quality Management or survey position
Dec 3, 2018 Madison Spoutz Entry-Level Job in Post-Conflict Recovery
Dec 3, 2018 Glenn Wayne Smith Any within Mine Action
Dec 3, 2018 Winnie Achieng Oyuga Logistics/ Administration
Dec 3, 2018 Vincent Mwagimbe Medical
Dec 3, 2018 Luke Mudzedze EOD Level 3 (Mentor)
Dec 3, 2018 James Moody UXO worker, Demining
Dec 3, 2018 Kamal Mohsen In mine action field
Dec 3, 2018 Joaquim M. Loureno Merca Mine Action & EOD/IEDD/C-IED
Dec 3, 2018 Adam Marshall IMAS Technician, Level 1
Dec 3, 2018 Blessing Mangezi Technical Advisor
Dec 3, 2018 Tomas Lourenco Mine Action Technical Advisor/Field Manager
Dec 3, 2018 Jason Kulakowski Operations, Management
Dec 3, 2018 Rachel Knopp Entry-Level Position in Post-Conflict Recovery
Dec 3, 2018 Cosmas Kilonzi Asset Manager / Logistics Assistant
Dec 3, 2018 Khalil Hijazi International site supervisor
Dec 3, 2018 Mark Crispin Harrison Technical Advisor / Technical Field Manager Mine Action or Quality Assurance role dependant on suitability with my experience
Dec 3, 2018 Daniel Fine Humanitarian Demining, CBRNE, EOD
Dec 3, 2018 Mark Egan Demining / UXO
Dec 3, 2018 Emin Durakovic TA, TFM, Supervisor, STA, OM
Dec 3, 2018 Awa Badiane Diatta Programme Officer
Dec 3, 2018 John Davis Mechanical Engineer - UXO Detection and Clearance Technology
Dec 3, 2018 Edward J. Curran III Any available (mine action or post-conflict recovery)
Dec 3, 2018 Nick Christian Demining positions; C-IED; UXO tech; Route Clearance
Dec 3, 2018 Tsepo Cheda peacebuilding and conflict management
Dec 3, 2018 Ernesto Armando Chanjane Deminer and UXOSP
Dec 3, 2018 Michael Bouffard TA/TFM. UXO/SALW/IED mitigation and remediation positions
Dec 3, 2018 Mohamed Birik Security, operations, intelligence and investigation
Dec 3, 2018 Scott Bentall Security Officer, Security Manager, Closer Protection Operative, Project Manager
Dec 3, 2018 Ewen Bentall Explosive Detection Dog Manager
Dec 3, 2018 Mark Patrick Anderson Logistician, Logistics Manager, Logistics Coordinator, Field Logistician, Field Logistics
Dec 3, 2018 Abdisalan M. Abdirahman Language assistant & translating written material

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