Khalil Hijazi


South Lebanon

Position Wanted:
International site supervisor

Summary of Professional skills and / or expertise                              

        1. Experience in Business development and proposal writing.                     

        2. Project management experience                                                

        3. Lebanese security department                                                 

        4. Searcher                                                                     

        5. Deminer                                                                      

        6. Demining /BAC team leader(Demining team leader each team consists of 10      

        deminers including Deputy Team leader, BAC Team leader each team consists       

        of 12 Searchers including Deputy team Leader)                                   

        7. EOD Operator (No 2)(The Team consists of 1 EOD Team Leader,1 EOD             

        Operator NO2 ,Driver and the medic)                                              

        8. EOD Team Leader(The Team consists of 1 EOD Team Leader,1 EOD                 

        Operator NO2 ,Driver and the medic)                                             

        9. De-mining developer: (Training assistant for 3 Trainee teams)                

        10. De-mining/Mechanical/Mine Detection Dog Teams Supervisor.(was Site          

        Supervisor for 3 MCT Teams (each team Consists of 1 team leader 10              

        Deminers Including Deputy Team Leader and a medic) and super visor              

        for 2 mechanical Teams (each team Consists of the mechanical                    

        operator,2 deminers with Demining team leader, and medic)and on 2               

        MDD team (each team consists of the DOG Handler,2 deminers and                  

        medic)in the same time in different areas                                       

        11. De-mining super visor: was on 3 teams each team as in the Previous Demining 


        12. Technical Advisor: This was my main roll but in some condition took place as

        an operation Manager on different numbers of teams as it will show in the       


        13. Managing funding                                                            

        14. Capacity building                                                            

        15. Computer Skills                                                             

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