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The Shenandoah Valley Regional NMR Facility was established with grants from The National Science Foundation (9650132), The Merck Foundation and matching funds provided by James Madison University, Eastern Mennonite University and Bridgewater College.


The facility includes a Bruker Avance DRX-400 NMR, equipped with a six position autosampler, a variable temperature 5 mm broadband autotune probe with a Z gradient, and an SGI O2 host computer.  Also available for this instrument is a 10 mm broadband VT probe.   The facility also has a Bruker AMX-200 NMR controlled with an SGI computer.  This system is equipped with a 5 mm broad band tunable probe and variable temperature accessory.  The autosampler purchased for the DRX-400 will operate on the AMX-200.  These instruments are housed at JMU and accessed remotely by the participating regional colleges and universities.  Currently the systems are running XWIN-NMR version 3.0 software.  Our most recent addition to the facility is a 300 MHz Bruker DPX system.  It is equipped with a 5 mm QNP probe for 19F, 31P,13C and 1H.  There are two additional probes for this magnet, a 5 mm BBO and a 5 mm 1H/13C probe.  (If you would like to see a series of pictures showing the installation process of this spectrometer, click here.)  The acquisition of this instrument was made possible by a generous donation from Merck and Company in Elkton, VA.


This website has been established as a means of communicating the efforts of the Regional NMR Consortium to the local scientific community and other interested parties.  This group is composed chemists from Bridgewater College, Eastern Mennonite University, James Madison University, Mary Baldwin College and the University of Virginia.  We hope to use this site as a means of providing information about our activities and our efforts to include NMR spectroscopy in the undergraduate curriculum.  We will be providing some laboratory experiments developed by students and faculty in the consortium. Some of the information will be "just for fun" while other information may be useful for your own students and/or courses. You will also find links to other NMR sites which provide some very good resources and information. Thank you for visiting and if you have suggestions or comments please contact Tom Gallaher.


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