This tutorial will show you some more advanced features of the WYSIWYG editor.

Adding a video to  your WYSIWYG block.

  1. Open a secondary page or content block and enter the WYSIWYG section. 
  2. Find a video from YouTube or another external source.(we will use YouTube as a standard and this is the recommended source for Cascade sites).  
  3. For this example video: you will need the url of the video 
  4. Click the filmstrip icon on the lower toolbar next to the Image icon.  
  5. Enter your URL in the File/URL field of the Video embed box(and remove the http: so that the url has just // then check dimensions and click Insert to insert the video.
  6. Your video will appear like this in the page.  Also, make sure you have some other content on the page like a header or caption to the video as users may not see anything if you just try to embed only a video.

Note: You will probably also want to add this as a Cascade Video type so that the video can show up in the Related Videos section of the primary content types like: Events, News, and Stories.

Editing Tables in the WYSIWYG:

Inside a WYSIWYG area you can edit a table by clicking on the table dashed lines in the WYSIWYG the right-clicking or CTRL-Clicking on it.  This will bring up Insert, Table Properties and other Row/Column manipulation features.

Column 1 Column 2
Data1 Data2

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