Academic Slideshows are found in four possible places in an academic site: a college page, a department page, a school page and a program page. College, school and department pages use one type of slideshow while program pages use a second type of slideshow. Before you add a new slide, please upload the image for the slide. You MUST upload an image that is 1200 by 720. Cascade will generate additional images from that image with the optimized aspect ratios, including 716 x 429 and 419 x 251. Those images can be uploaded by New > _ALL > Images > Feature 1200x720 as shown below: 

New, All Images

Remember to publish images after you upload them. The college and school slideshows use 716 x429 images. The department slideshow uses 419 x 251 images and program slideshows use 655 x 393 images. Let's visit each type of slideshow in turn.

Slideshow for College, School or Department Page

  1. College Slideshow Go to the college page.  There will be a default slideshow in place.  The slideshow is "wired" to the  DEFAULT region.  If one clicks the block for the slideshow, one will see which block is used to populate the slideshow. 

  2. College Slideshow Block - View   Click on the link for the block to see the contents for the slideshow. 

  3. College Slideshow Block - Edit  Click Edit to see where the title, teaser and images can be specified for each slide.   Note: Make sure to specify the appropriate image for the varying aspect ratios (e.g., 716 x 429, etc.). If wanting to add another slide, use the + [where you see + - (1/2) in the accompanying image].  One can reorder slides here as well. When finished, click  Submit.

Slideshow for Program Page

  1. Program Slideshow The Slideshow for Program Page uses the Nivo Slider and is more complex than the other academic slideshows.  Go to the program page and click the block for the slideshow.  Similar to the above slideshow, the block is "wired" to the  DEFAULT region of the page. 
  2. Widget Upon clicking on the link for the block, one can see that it uses a "widget" - a block that refers to blocks. This is different from the other academic slideshows.  When viewing the widget, one can see the title of the slideshow, the transition speed (how fast the slides are set to change) and a config block.  
  3. Edit Widget Click Edit for the widget.  Go to the right of the Config Block, click the triangle and select  Edit again.  
  4. Index Folder View On the edit screen for the Config Block, look to the right of the Index Block, click the triangle and select  View. This goes to the folder where the feature blocks (containing the slide information) reside. 
  5. Indexed Folder of Feature Blocks Viewing the folder of feature blocks: One can either edit an existing block (if there is one) by selecting the block and clicking Edit OR one can create a new feature block (if s/he has access) by going to New > academics > Primary Feature. If one does not have access to create a new one using  New>..., then copy one of the existing feature blocks and edit it accordingly to create a new one.     
  6. Feature Whether editing an existing feature block or creating a new feature block, enter a Headline, Summary and select an image 655 x 393 for the slide. When finished, click Submit
  7. Reorder slides To reorder the slides, view the indexed folder which contains the feature blocks.  Click the  Order column.  Now you can drag the blocks to change the order. 

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