1. Pixlr tutorialIn the blue menu bar, click New > [YOUR SITE] > Secondary Page

  1. Pixlr tutorialFill in the fields.

    System Name: Use lowercase letters and dashes instead of spaces. This shows up at the end of the URL with ".shtml" appended to it.
    Parent Folder: This is the folder where the page will reside.
    Display Name: This the the Page title. It shows up in the Left Navigation and the Breadcrumbs.

  1. Pixlr tutorialFill in the remaining fields.

Use a feature image?: Check this box if you'd like a full width image at the top of the page. If you don't specify an image in the field below, a correctly sized random image will be automatically chosen. (optional)
Feature Image Overload: Select the full width image (815x314) to display. This overrides the random image. (optional)
Content: The body of the page. See WYSIWYG tutorial for additional assistance.
Tags: (ignore)
Widget Configurations: (ignore)

  1. Click Submit
  1. If Spell Check screen appears, correct the errors and click Submit

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