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Image Types:

There are four main image types used in Cascade.

  1. User images - these are images of any size that you need to include in your content.  These are uploaded by using the New - _ALL - User Image item in the main menu bar.
  2. Feature images - These images need to be of 5:3 aspect ratio and start off as 1200x720 sized images.  Cascade takes these images and creates several smaller copies to be used in regions
    like slideshows, cutline photos, and other featured widgets.
  3. Secondary page feature images - These are used in the top section of secondary pages and need to be 655 pixels wide.  You may use Facebook Timeline Cover Photo size images for this purpose and Cascade will automatically resize the images for the top section of the page.  851x314 is the standard starting size for these.  You may upload these like User images.
  4. Profile Image - These are 3:4 aspect ratio images that are used for profile pages.  You will need to start with 900x1200 sized images.  Cascade takes these images and creates several smaller copies of these to be used as thumbnail versions of profiles, in featured profile widget sections, and in profile / staff listing pages.


Sizes for cutdown images automatically generated by Cascade.

Feature Image - Aspect Ratio = 5:3

  • FULL SIZE = 1200x720
    • Homepage Feature 716x429
    • IMAGE = Extracurricular Tab Feature / Feature image on Secondary = 655x393
    • Slideshow = Feature single image = 419x251
    • Thumbnail = 172x103
    •  These 716,655,419,172, are created by the image upload plugin.

Profile Image - Aspect Ratio = 3:4 Portrait

  • FULL SIZE = 900 x 1200
    • Homepage Feature 716x 955
    • IMAGE = 655 x 873
    • SlideShow = 419 x 559
    • Thumbnail = 172 x 229


A resource for Timeline cover photos is:

Feature image

The most common image type you will use is the Feature image. It’s used for most slideshows, stories, and news images. It can be seen on these pages:

Profile image

The ONLY time a Profile image is used is for portrait photos. Those are used on the individual profile pages like this:

Facebook Cover image

The Facebook Cover image is useful for full width images at the top of Secondary Pages. It's also used for some slideshows. You can see it used here: 

User image

The final type is the User image. It doesn’t require a specific image size. It also doesn’t generate cutdowns like the other image types do. It’s useful if you want to upload an image without a size constraint. For example, the images on this page would have been uploaded with the User image option:

What size should my image be?

To enter an image in Cascade, it should be:

  • Feature: 1200x720px
  • Profile: 900x1200px
  • Facebook Cover: 851x314
  • User: any size

What additional sized images will Cascade generate?

Upon submitting a Feature or Profile image, Cascade will automatically generate these cutdown images:


  • 1200x720
  • 716x429px
  • 655x393px
  • 419x251px
  • 172x103px


  • 900x1200px
  • 716x954px
  • 655x873px
  • 419x558px
  • 172x229px