Much like the old SchoolHouse Rock video "I'm Just a Bill" where a bill becomes a law, a lot of content makes its way from Microsoft Word documents to become a web page.  In this tutorial we'll show you how to take a word document and copy it into Cascade.  

  1. Let's start with opening your Word Doc in Microsoft Word.  You'll want to select all the content of the Word doc by using your mouse or Ctrl-A(Windows) or Command-A(Mac).
  2. COPY - You'll need to do a Ctrl-C(Win) or Command-C(Mac).  This will work in all browsers(using the right click copy or menu item copy commands may not work due to security issues copying between applications - this holds across more than just Microsoft Word).
  3. PASTE - Go to your page within Cascade and select the WYSIWYG editor window then do a Ctrl-V(Win) or Command-V(Mac).  This will paste in your Word document content into the editor.

These simple instructions may leave some odd formatting differences from your original document.  Another resource you might use to assist in this process after your COPY is an online tool at to convert Word Doc to HTML. After converting to html you'll need to paste into the editor via the HTML button on the WYSIWYG toolbar menu. also has some other useful resources for alphabetizing text, removing spaces, and removing line breaks from text files.

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