The _ALL folder within the New menu in Cascade is designed as a universal resource for things that are needed by every user in the system.  
  1. File - this item is used to add a PDF, Word Doc, Powerpoint and other external documents.  When entering these make sure you include the extension in the System Name when creating these (i.e. mypdf.pdf). You'll want to be sure to locate your file in a directory that you have access to write into.
  2. Folder - This item is used to add a subfolder to your site. 
  3. User Image - This is used to add an image of any size to be used inside a News, Event, or Story type.  these can be any type of file.  A general rule of thumb is to use .jpg for non-transparent and .gif for transparent images on your site to allow all web browsers to view these correctly.
  4. Secondary Page - This is just a standard page with left navigation and a default content area in the middle of the page.  You'll want to make sure that you consider whether or not you need a page or if your content is of a particular type like a Program, a Service or Tutorial. 

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