_ALL items

    This is a tutorial about the _ALL folder within the New Content menu item. These items are items that every user will need access to in order to create and update their Cascade site. These include the standard JMU image types, files, and folders.

    Accessibility Standards

    Understand how to ensure your web content follows Accessibility Standards.

    Browser Tutorial

    Tutorial showing how to adjust optimal browser settings for Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari

    Cascade Important Terms

    General terms that will help introduce important concepts you will encounter while using the JMU CMS.

    Copy from Word Document into Cascade Server

    How to copy content from a Microsoft Word document into Cascade

    File Naming Guidelines

    Rules for how to name various file / content types in Cascade

    Images 101

    Migration Tips

    Tips for migrating your site from Web Manager 2 or some other web publishing system into Cascade

    Publishing 101

    How to publish information in Cascade and when your content will be pulled into feeds.

    Using Special Characters like ampersand in Cascade

    How do I correctly enter special characters in different regions in Cascade?

    Web Writing Tips

    Tip for writing quality content for search engine optimization(SEO)

    Writing Good Alt-Text

    Tips for writing good alternative text for images and links to provide accessibility for ADA purposes and so that screen readers can properly read a page.

    Secondary Page

    How can I add a Secondary Page in Cascade


    How can I add or edit a profile in Cascade?

    Search Engine Optimization

    Tips for writing Metadata information and how to get Google or other Search engines to re-index your site.

    Reordering Assets

    How to reordering pages and folders

    Recycle Bin

    Deleted assets can be restored from the recycle bin.

    Images 101

    What are the different image types in Cascade and how do I upload them?

    Resizing images using Canva


    How do I add a feed from my Facebook Page?

    Copyright Information

    Tips for following laws/policies regarding copyrighted material.

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