Can I use different templates within the same department?

Yes.  If you have a need for additional templates within the same website (besides the one you select for your homepage), the Implementation team will be happy to help you set those up.

Can I put photos and videos on my site?

Yes, you can absolutely add images and videos to your website. There will be specific content types that will help you publish images and videos.


Image uploading will be covered in Cascade Overview Training. Also, there are 3 tutorials that may help guide you through the image uploading process:

Images 101: read a broad overview of image types, sizes and ratios that are preferred for uploading to Cascade.

Images 201: provides an introduction to a free, online image editing tool.

Images 201 (Advanced): provides additional information about the free, online image editing tool.


There are several ways to upload videos into Cascade through the video content type. We recommend hosting your videos on YouTube. Vimeo files will also work with Cascade.

What types of files can I upload to Cascade?

Most of common files types can be uploaded into the CMS: jpg, gif, png, PDF, and Microsoft Office documents. There will be a limit to how many multimedia formats can be uploaded, due to storage capacities. When uploading a file be sure to follow your system name with the appropriate file extension. For example, if you're uploading an JPEG image, you'll want to name your file and add the file extension: name-your-image.jpg.

I'd like the creative freedom to design my own template. Why do I need to use a Cascade template?

Within the Cascade templates there will be flexibility and individuality within the various regions. There will be a multitude of content types and pre-built features that will allow you express the creative freedom to develop a top-quality website and still reflect the character of your department. The goal of maintaining an overall branded site is to promote usability and consistency to our users, regardless of where they may be within

The main design elements that will stay consistent between templates is the header and footer regions of the page and the look and feel and placement of your navigation. As you start your migration process the Implementation team will be happy to discuss what options are available to create a unique feel for your website.

Will secondary pages, beyond my homepage, use a template?

The there are pre-formatted secondary pages that will be available for any content that exists beyond your homepage.

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