Do I need to tag my content before migration?

Depending on how your content migrates into Cascade will determine if you need to tag your content, or not. Every site that is created in Cascade has a source tag that will be used to tag all content related to that particular site. If you have a need for additional content tags, you can ask the Implementation team about how to create those tags during your migration process.

What's the difference between keywords and tags?

Within Cascade, keywords are part of the metadata content for pages, files, folders, and external links. Keywords are used by search engines to determine the relevancy of individual pages or sites; this is commonly known as search engine optimization (SEO). Content tags provide direction and identity for content within the Cascade; designating specific content tags will enable your content to show up in certain places within the Cascade; access to content tags will be permission-based.

Will I have to manually tag my content?

Your content will be automatically tagged with your departmental source tag. This happens when IT creates the architecture for your site.

If you want additional content tags you to direct your content you can contact a member of the Implementation team to help you coordinate your tags.

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