Can I remove an individual entry from a feed on my site?

You can only remove items that you entered yourself. Any content that exists from a feed you subscribe to can only be edited by the content creator of that specific feed. If after subscribing to a feed you decide it's no longer appropriate for your site, you can easily unsubscribe from that content.

If I subscribe to a feed will it replace another piece of my content?

Subscribing to a feed will allow content from another site into a section of your site. It will not replace your content but keep in mind you can't control the content in the feed. You can still add your own content to that specific section. The feed you subscribe to can co-exist with your own content.

If I subscribe to a feed, how do I control what appears on my my site?

You will not be able to curate any content that is fed onto your site. The feed will appear automatically once you subscribe to a specific source tag.

What does "subscribe to content" mean?

Cascade will allow content to flow from site to site without having to copy and paste to individual pages — it will be published from a central location.  You'll be able to "subscribe" to other department's tags allowing their content to appear on your site. The most common subscriptions will likely be news, events, and stories.

No one will be able to subscribe to your content without your permission nor will anyone feed content into your site without you knowing. Any subscribing or tag sharing will need to be communicated outside of the Cascade system. If you have questions or concerns about how subscribing to content or feeds on your site will work, feel free to ask a member of the Implementation team.

When I migrate to Cascade will there be subscribable content ready for my site?

University Communications and Marketing has a majority of their content published and tagged. This content will be available for you to subscribe to and feed into your website. As more departments join Cascade, more content will be available, depending on when your site joins Cascade will depend on how much content is available.

If for some reason there is content on your site that you don't think is useful to your audience, we will work with you to get that content removed.

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