National Association of Student Personnel Administrators (NASPA)

National Association of Student Personnel Administrators (NASPA) may be the biggest community uniting professionals that work in the Student Affairs realm. NASPA is a leading organization for the advancement, health and sustainability of student affairs profession. Its goal is to promote integrity, innovation, inclusion and inquiry. NASPA has identified 10 focus areas that are essential for professionals in student affairs. One of them is Assessment and Evaluation.

Assessment and Evaluation focus area emphasizes strong student learning outcomes, rigorous methodology and making data (or evidence)-based decisions. This focus area pulls together information from research articles, knowledge communities and NASPA events.  
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American College Personnel Association (ACPA)

American College Personnel Association (ACPA) is the leading comprehensive students affairs association that advances student affairs and engages students for a lifetimes of learning and discovery. Become a member of ACPA as an institution or as an individual.

National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment (NILOA)

The National institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment (NILOA) assists institutions and others in discovering and adopting promising practices in the assessment of college student learning outcomes. Documenting what students learn is of growing interest to universities, accrediting groups, higher education association and others beyond campus, including students, their families and policy makers. Visit the official NILOA website

Virginia Assessment Group (VAG)

The Virginia Assessment Group (VAG) promotes quality higher education through assessment and institutional effectiveness practices in all Commonwealth and regional post-secondary institutions. The VAG serves as a network for communication and collaboration among institutions of higher education, state and federal agencies, and accreditation bodies. Visit VAG's official website

Student Affairs Assessment Leaders (SAAL)

Student Affairs Assessment Leaders (SAAL) provides the opportunity for educators that coordinate assessment for divisions of student affairs to discuss issues to improve their work. Members lead assessment in divisions of student affairs at a variety of institutions across the U.S. Join SAAL.

National Academic Advising Association (NACADA)

NACADA is a global community for academic advising. NACADA unites professional advisors, counselors, faculty, administrators and students working to enhance the educational development of students. The primary focus of NACADA is to provide advising resources for student affairs specialists, however, the organization recognize that assessment is important. In fact, one of the strategic goals is dedicated to assessment. Become a member of NACADA

Association for Student Conduct Administration (ASCA)

ASCA stands for Association for Student Conduct Administration. The purpose of of ASCA is to advance the student conduct profession. While ASCA does not explicitly state their commitment to assessment, they do have an award tailored for Student Conduct Administration that have achieved excellence in it. Become a member of ASCA.

The National Resource Center

The purpose of National Resource Center for First-Year Experience and Students in Transition is provide educational support for student who are transitioning into and through Higher Education. Student development is important for this organization and they recognize the importance of assessment by having an award for institutional excellence in it. Visit The National Resource Center's official website

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