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Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art



Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Studio Art

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The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree is intended for students interested in pursuing a program of art study that promotes lifelong learning with an emphasis on the humanities. The B.A. in studio art is designed for students who seek a breadth of knowledge in the visual arts and who have an interest or background in the humanities. Students majoring in studio art will:

• Grasp how artworks are created. 
• Understand how the visual arts relate to the culture that influences them. 
• Gain an overview of the sequences of style and meaning evident in the history of art. 
• Improve their ability to articulate their ideas and knowledge about art to others. 
• Learn about career opportunities in art and closely related fields.

Corinne Diop, Studio Art Coordinator, Professor of Art
M.F.A. University of Washington; B.S. James Madison University 540.568.6485