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JMU wants to visit you!

We welcome invitations to any college/career nights! We'd also be happy to make a personal visit to your school.

To request a personal visit: send your invitation c/o Jamie Didawick via fax (540-568-3332), e-mail ( or postal mail (JMU Office of Admissions, MSC 0101, 481 Bluestone Dr., Harrisonburg, VA 22807).

Request participation in a new college fair

New Program! Let’s Do Lunch! Counselor Program

Counselors, are you passing through Harrisonburg or stopping by JMU for a visit?  We would love to have you join our admissions session and tour of campus and then take you to lunch!  Please email Ellen Hedrick at to schedule a lunch with JMU admissions colleague(s). Requests are first-come, first- served.  We can’t wait to see you!

Tracking your students

Thank you for another successful year! We've enjoyed working with you as we admitted the freshman class of 2015, and now we are on to the class of 2016. We would like to keep you updated on the status of applicants from your school. Please use the Counselor's Companion to track your students.

Most answers regarding our admissions process can be found on this site. If you or your students have additional questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Mid-year grades

James Madison University requires mid-year grades as part of the application review process. While many high schools already send us these grades, we know that this will increase your workload and appreciate your assistance with this matter.

We review mid-year grades for two reasons. First, studies have shown that students who experience a drop in their senior year grades will often follow with poor grades in their freshman year of college. For three years the staff reviewed the files of students whose offers of admissions had been rescinded after final senior grades were received. In over ninety-percent of the cases, the initial offer would not have been made if the committee had seen the student's grades for the first semester of their senior year. Having the mid-year senior grades should significantly reduce the offers rescinded by JMU.

Second, high school counselors tell us that students looking at JMU often reduce their academic effort senior year because they believe we do not consider senior grades. We believe that academic performance in the senior year is important and we hope reviewing mid-year grades will reinforce this.

Thank you for your support.

Counselor Open House

We are sorry, but the April 2016 Counselor Open House has been cancelled.  

We will offer a Counselor Open House in April 2017. We will have more information available in February 2017. We are sorry for any inconvenience. Counselors, please join us for an admissions session and tour and lunch if you have time. See our regular visit schedule at Email and let us know when you are coming!  

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