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Below are our most frequently asked questions with regards to qualifying and applying for in-state tution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Qualifying for in-state tuition

Applying for Residency

Submitting Documents

Residency Decisions

Residency AFTER first semester at JMU

Qualifying for in-state tuition

Will I qualify for in-state tuition?

James Madison University is a public university within the Commonwealth of Virginia. As such, we go by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia Domicile Guidelines to determine eligibility for in-state tuition. Our applicants for admission have their residency for tuition purposes determined based on the information provided on their complete Application for Virginia In-State Tuition Rates. This application is incorporated in our undergraduate applications for admission based on initial answers provided on your application. Once an application for admission is submitted you may be requested to provide additional documentation to determine your residency for tuition purposes. The Office of Admissions will notify you of your residency determination in communications throughout the application process.

Please understand we cannot advise a student prior to applying whether or not they will qualify for in-state tuition.

You may review the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Guidelines for Residency Determination by visiting the SCHEV guidelines website.

View our Residency Frequently Asked Questions

I'm in a military family. How do you determine my residency?

The State Council of Higher Education for Virginia has published some helpful guides to the rules we go by to determine eligibility for in-state tuition for active-duty military members, veterans, and their families, located here:

The following links may be helpful:

For more information about Veteran’s educational benefits, please visit the JMU Veteran’s Educational Benefits web page.

The major I want isn't offered in my state. Do you have a reciprocal agreement?

JMU is not a member of the Academic Common Market, and we do not have reciprocal agreements. For a list of Academic Common Market schools, please see:

I live in DC. Do I get in-state tuition at JMU?

The DC Tuition Assistance Grant (DCTAG) is administered through the District of Columbia government. Here is a link to DCTAG:

My family cannot afford out-of-state tuition. Can I have in-state tuition?

Eligibility for in-state tuition is not need based. It is determined by state laws. Please see the Financial Aid Office for information about need based assistance:

Applying for Residency

On my application submission confirmation I got this message: "Please submit Federal 1040 and Virginia 763 tax forms, pages 1 & 2." What should I do?

If the answer to this question is No, no further action is needed at this time.


Please watch your postal mail and your To-Do List in MyMadison. If we need further information from you, we will request it through these channels.

I'm a student living outside of Virginia. How do I apply for in-state tuition?

  • JMU Online Application (on the Biographical Information page): Make sure the box is checked beneath your state of residence.

JMU Application

  • Coalition Application (in the Application Questions section): Make sure "Yes" is selected beneath your state of residence.

Coalition Application

The application to JMU is forcing me to fill out the application for in-state tuition, but I'm NOT seeking in-state tuition.

If you are NOT applying for in-state tuition, please respond to the initial residency questions appropriately.

  • JMU's Online Application (on the Biographical Information page): Make sure the checkbox is Unchecked to close the application for in-state tuition.



  • Coalition Application (in the Application Questions section): Answer  "No".


I forgot to fill out the application for in-state tuition when I submitted the application or I made an error. How can I submit one now?

Complete the residency application (PDF) and submit it to

Submitting Documents

Where do I send the requested information?


  • Send documents as attachments (PDF, Word Doc, JPG/GIF)
  • Identify student by legal name and ID# if possible

Postal Mail:

JMU Office of Admissions
Residency Determination Committee
MSC 0101
100 E. Grace Street
Harrisonburg, VA 22807

My To-Do List in MyMadison has an item on it, but I’m not sure what to send. How do I find out more information?

Click the hyperlinked item in your To-Do List for additional information:

The following page will give you more information about the item(s) we need:


Have you received my items?

Please have your student check their MyMadison account. When the items have been received, they will no longer appear on their To-Do List.

Allow 10 business days for your items to be processed. We receive a high volume of mail during the processing season.

To-Do List

May I have a deadline extension for submitting my residency materials?

After the deadline for submitting your materials passes, we will send you a follow-up email and change your residency to out-of-state at that point. Please send your information as soon as possible and we will make the appropriate residency decision after we receive the information. We cannot change residency after the first day of classes for the term in which you are enrolling.

I got a follow-up email, but I sent information in. What can I do?

First verify the following information:

  • Did you send ALL items on the list?
  • Did you send the proper forms for the proper year?

Resend your items to or via postal mail.

I received a letter asking for a list of items. Do I have to send all items on the list?

Yes, please send all the items on the list as requested. If you don’t have an item (for example, if you don’t file taxes because you don’t work or your income is below required filing thresholds) please just explain that when you send the rest of your items. Please see the Voter Registration FAQ if you can’t find your voter registration card.

I'm over 18, why do you need my guardianship papers?

In Virginia, we look at parent/guardian residency until a student is 24 years old.

What does a tax form look like?

  • Federal 1040 (send both pages with social security numbers and bank account numbers removed. Please do not black out all financial information.)


  • State 760 (send both pages with social security numbers and bank account numbers removed. Please do not black out all financial information.)

State 760

Do NOT provide the following:

  • W-2


  • e-file certificate
  • Tax return transcript

IRS Transcript

I can't find my voter registration card. What should I do?

Please go to, supply your information, then print or screenshot to send in lieu of a copy of your card.

Residency Decisions

How will I know my residency decision?

Before admissions decisions are posted, a student’s residency is in their MyMadison account when you click on the status of the application.

Residency Status

After your admission decision is posted, it will be on your admission letter, which will be posted in MyMadison.

I disagree with my residency decision. What can I do?

You may appeal your residency decision. Please note that in-state tuition is not need-based. We follow the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia's Domicile Guidelines. Prior to appealing your residency decision, please be sure you have sent in all residency items from your to-do list in MyMadison. Items may be sent to

Applicants who have received an admission decision and wish to appeal their residency decision may do so by completing a residency appeal. The residency appeal form is only for undergraduate students who disagree with their residency decision for their first semester at JMU. We may request additional information as part of the appeal process.

Residency AFTER first semester at JMU

I'm a current student at JMU. How do I change my residency?

The JMU Office of Admissions only determines your residency for your first semester here. The University Business Office handles reclassifications of current students:

I'm the parent of a current student at JMU and I'm thinking about moving out of state. How does that work?

Please contact the University Business Office about the residency of a student after their first semester at JMU.

Undergraduate Tuition

Entering Students (2018-19) - Per year
In-state tuition: $7,250
Comprehensive fee: $4,766
Room and board: $10,092
Total in-state: $22,108

Out-of-state tuition: $23,650
Comprehensive fee: $4,766
Room and board: $10,092
Total out-of-state: $38,508

More details on tuition and fees

Graduate Tuition

Entering (2018-19) - Per credit hour
In-state: $485
Out-of-state: $1,231

More details on tuition and fees

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