Education: Graduated from JMU with a B.S. in Psychology and Minor in Geography

Hometown: Olney, MD 


Why I chose to attend JMU: I took a tour of JMU during my senior year of high school.  I had already decided I wanted to attend a school further away from home and was determined not to like JMU.  Well I didn’t like it….I LOVED IT!  I rounded a corner of the campus and came upon the quad and that was it for me.  I could see myself on campus both as a nervous freshman and as a seasoned senior.  JMU was the perfect fit for me.  It was far enough away from home to feel like I was on my own but close enough for me to go home whenever I needed to.  It was a large school with a small school personality.  I could never go a day on campus without meeting someone new but I also could never go a day on campus without seeing someone I knew.

Advice to students selecting a college: Focus on your five main expectations.  Examine and value what the school has to offer in terms of size, academics, location, people, and opportunities outside of the classroom.  When choosing a school you are not simply choosing to become a student – you are also choosing to become of a citizen of the surrounding community.  Be sure to visit the school – take a tour, eat at a dining facility, and interact with the students.  Pay close attention to how the school makes you feel, but most importantly – keep track of all the important dates and deadlines!


On-Campus Activities: Hanging out on the Wilson steps of the Quad; Drinking tea in Taylor Down Under; Movies and concerts on campus; Attending football games…GO DUUUKES!

Class at JMU: Psychology of Love and Human Intimacy

JMU Memory: During my sophomore year of college, we had a pretty rough winter.  There was one snow day in particular where my close college friends and I bundled up in just about every piece of clothing we had.  We walked down to the quad and built snowmen, made snow angels, and had a huge snowball fight.  We rounded up our outdoor activities with dinner at D-Hall.  I haven’t spent that much time playing in the snow since I was in elementary school and it was fantastic!

Dining Hall: Top Dog

Vacation Spot: Outer Banks 

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