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Please note:  this information applies to you ONLY IF your transcript indicates that you are on academic probation following the 2017 fall semester.

SUBJECT:        Probation Status at the end of the 2017 fall semester 

NOTE FOR STUDENTS WHO RETURNED TO JMU FOR THE FALL 2017 SEMESTER THROUGH APPEAL/ACADEMIC REVIEW:  If you have been allowed to return to JMU for the 2017 fall semester through appeal/academic review you are subject to the terms in your contract letter

Your academic record at the end of the 2017 fall semester places you on academic probation, an indication of serious academic difficulty. According to university policy (, academic probation is applied when a student’s cumulative grade point average falls below 2.0. While on academic probation, you may take no more than 12 credit hours each semester until your cumulative GPA has improved to academic good standing.

We are interested in supporting your progress toward graduation from JMU. The reason you have been limited to 12 credit hours is to assist you in improving your grade point average. Please be aware that as you accumulate more credit hours, each grade you receive has a smaller effect on your cumulative GPA. You cannot graduate from the university with less than a 2.0 cumulative GPA. If you are registered for more than 12 credit hours for 2018 spring semester, consult your academic adviser to assist you in choosing the course(s) you will drop; the deadline for adjusting your schedule is 5 p.m. on January 9, 2018. You can change your schedule through My Madison; the system’s availability (dates and times) is posted there as well. If you have not conformed to the 12 credit hour limit by 5 p.m. on January 9, 2018, the Office of the Registrar will choose the course(s) to be dropped and make a schedule change. You will receive a revised schedule. 

You may, in the case of extenuating circumstances and after consultation with your academic adviser, appeal to the college contact person for your major college for an exception to the 12 credit hour rule.  Please note that the granting of a credit hour appeal is not guaranteed, but contingent upon review by the college contact person.  Such review may result in denial.

There are numerous strategies that you can explore to assist you in improving your cumulative GPA.  It is vital that you begin now to avoid the next, more serious step of academic suspension.  As soon as possible, you should see your academic adviser who can direct you concerning courses you may need to repeat during 2018 spring semester, as well as working with you to take advantage of the services of the University Writing Center, the Science and Math Resource Center, study skills programs, and other academic support options on campus. 

Please keep in mind that a change in your enrollment level (i.e. dropping below full time enrollment status) will impact your financial aid eligibility.  We encourage you to review Section 12 of JMU Terms and Conditions for Financial Aid – Consumer Information and to contact The Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships with questions about how dropping or withdrawing from a class or classes will impact your financial aid eligibility.

Please consult with your academic adviser as soon as possible concerning your 2018 spring semester schedule and campus academic support services.  If, after consultation with your adviser, you would like to request an exception to the 12 credit hour limit, please contact applicable college contact person.

College of Arts & Letters, Mr. Dietrich Maune at
College of Business, Ms. Molly Brown at
College of Health and Behavioral Studies, Dr. Rhonda Zingraff at
College of Integrated Science and Engineering, Dr. Henry Way at
College of Science and Mathematics, Dr. Anthony Tongen at
College of Visual and Performing Arts, Dr. Sonya Baker at
Outreach and Engagement (Adult Degree/BIS), Ms. Lindsey Richards at
University Programs (IDLS and Undeclared majors), Ms. Catherine Crummett at



System hours: 7 a.m. to Midnight
(A notice will be posted on My Madison several days in advance
if the system needs to be taken down for maintenance)


Course Adjustment Deadlines:

Spring Semester – March 16
First Block – February 6
Second Block – April 11


Directions for using the Web registration system:

You can enroll from any computer that has access to the internet by visiting  From the login page, you can test the compatibility of your browser with MyMadison, view tutorials, read alerts or special instructions that have been posted and link to the Office of the Registrar.  If you need assistance with MyMadison at any time, please use the on-line help, tutorials or contact the Office of the Registrar at 568-6281.  You may also seek assistance at our office, Student Success Center, Suite 5300.