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You Have Options

Sex discrimination can come in many different forms but all result in an experience of harm for an individual. Title IX understands that sharing information about an experience of sexual violence, sexual harassment, or any form of verbal or physical gender- or sex-based discrimination can be difficult. It is important to know that at JMU you can choose who you want to talk to no matter when or where the conduct occurred.

Talk to Title IX

Email us. Speak to us over the phone. Meet with us personally. Report online filling out our Sexual Misconduct Reporting Form. If unsure about a situation, call us and we can give guidance. If there’s a need for help, we have resources available and information about options for moving forward.

Amy Sirocky-Meck | Title IX Coordinator
Madison Hall 4035 | (540) 58-5214 | sirockam@jmu.edu
*Reports involving students, visitors, and affiliates

Dr. Marilou Johnson | Title IX Officer for Faculty
Sheldon Hall 104 | (540) 568-3404 | johnsonmx@jmu.edu
*Reports involving faculty

Jennifer Phillips | Title IX Officer for Athletics
Plecker Athletics Center 260 | (540) 568-7834 | phill2jr@jmu.edu
*Reports involving athletics

Jennifer Toth | Title IX Officer for Staff
Wine Price 2038 | (540) 568-3968 | tothjm@jmu.edu
*Reports involving staff

Taylor Morris | Title IX Administrative Assistant
Madison Hall 4033 | (540) 568 – 5219 | titleix@jmu.edu
*All reports

Talk to Police

You always have the option of seeking assistance from local or campus law enforcement to learn about options available through the criminal justice system. If unsure about a situation, call the nonemergency numbers.

JMU Police Department
Emergency:  (540) 568-6911
Nonemergency:  (540) 568-6912

Harrisonburg Police Department
Emergency:  911
Nonemergency:  (540) 434-4436

Talk to Confidential Resources

You always have the option of seeking confidential resources. There are completely confidential resources who are available on and off campus to students. Confidential Resources can keep information private and are exempt from reporting disclosures of sexual misconduct to Title IX. These resources include The Counseling Center, University Health Center, and campus clergy. 

Talk to a University Employee

There may be a mentor or a colleague that you trust. JMU employees who learn either directly or indirectly about instances of sexual discrimination that occur in our JMU community are called Responsible Employees. Responsible Employees include resident assistants, instructors, staff, faculty, supervisors, coaches, academic advisors, club organizers, and administrators.

The Responsible Employee cannot keep the information they have learned a secret.  They are responsible for reporting what they know only to Title IX. In turn, Title IX will reach out to the individual who experienced the harm with information about resources and options for moving forward. The individual who experienced harm is not obligated to respond back to Title IX, but it is important for the individual who experienced the harm to know about resources and options for moving forward available to them.


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