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College of Business

Mission Statement

The College of Business is a community committed to preparing students to be active and engaged citizens who are exceptionally well qualified leaders for success in a global competitive marketplace.

Shared Values

  • Integrity – We believe integrity is important because alignment between internal beliefs and external actions is essential for our credibility with stakeholders.
  • Learning-Centered – We believe preparing students to be enlightened and engaged citizens is our primary mission.
  • Scholarly – We are a community that values the discovery and dissemination of knowledge.
  • Collaborative – We believe that the challenges facing society are greater than one individual or group; therefore, we actively seek opportunities to leverage our own and other's skills and knowledge.
  • Engaged with Stakeholders – We believe that engaging with stakeholders is important because we want to be mutually responsive to societal needs.
  • Innovative – The external realities facing our stakeholders are dynamic and require innovative responses to gain a competitive advantage.

Undergraduate Programs

College of Business

School of Hospitality, Sport and Recreation Management

Graduate Programs

College of Business

School of Strategic Leadership Studies


Dr. Mary A. Gowan