Policy 1507
Academic Coursepack Service

Date of Current Revision: September 2017
Primary Responsible Officer: Associate Vice President, Business Services


The university's Academic Coursepack Service (ACS) has been established within Madison Print Services as a centralized service for providing the means for university faculty, staff and students to obtain copyright permissions and to collect and pay royalty fees and publishers' payments for the use of copyrighted material. The authorizations and fees for this service apply to the making of photocopies and photocopy anthologies for sale and/or distribution to the university community. This policy is designed to ensure compliance with current federal laws and regulations prohibiting copyright infringement.


The Board of Visitors has been authorized by the Commonwealth of Virginia to govern James Madison University. See Code of Virginia § 23.1-1600; § 23.1-1301. The Board has delegated the authority to manage the university to the president.


Collection of literary selections.

Bibliographic data:
A history or description of writings or publications.

The sole right to reproduce, publish and sell a literary or artistic work.

The person requesting Madison Print Services to make copies of copyrighted materials under this policy.

The person for whom such copies are made, usually a student in a requester's class.


This policy applies to the use of state or university funds to produce photocopies of copyrighted materials by all members of the university community. All course packets that contain copyrighted material and are used for classes shall be considered as photocopy anthologies and will be required to conform to this policy.


If state or university funds are used to produce photocopies of copyrighted materials, requesters are required to use the university's copyright permission service. Madison Print Services has no control over whether a copyright owner will grant permission for use of copyrighted material and can make no guarantee that such permission will be granted. Unless and until such permission is granted, Madison Print Services will not create the coursepacks requested.

Copyright laws apply to reproduction, email, translation, on stage enactment and postings on the internet.


6.1 Requests for copying services will be accepted by Madison Print Services only with the appropriate copyright permission request form, one for each request. The form may be obtained from Madison Print Services located  in JMAC 6, Suite 31 , EnGeo building or from the Madison Print Services web page.

6.2 Requests for copying service should be submitted to Madison Print Services by the published deadline for each semester on the Madison Print Services webpage. Requesters will be required to provide base bibliographic data for each item in the anthology before the request will be processed. Requests will be handled in order of submission.

6.3 When copyright permission is granted by the copyright holder, the copying of the material must be completed by Madison Print Services, and all fees for use of the copyrighted materials will be added to the cost of producing the request, and charged to the user.

6.4 All coursepacks are sold through the JMU Bookstore. Madison Print Services typically produce only 80% of the class enrollment to avoid waste and additional copies are produced within 24 hours.


The Associate Vice President for Business Services oversees the operation of Madison Print Services.

The General Manager of Madison Print Services is responsible for facilitating the copyright permissions process, and for approving, monitoring and supporting the services available.


The requester is solely liable for any use of copyright materials in violation of U.S. law or for failure to follow the proper procedures for obtaining permission for the use of copyrighted materials. The university will not be liable for any judgments, awards, damages, fees (including attorney's fees) costs or other expenses incurred in the investigation, defense or settlement of any claims arising out of such use in violation of this policy.

Sanctions will be commensurate with the severity and/or frequency of the offense and may include termination of employment.


Copies of copyrighted materials made using non-state funds are not controlled by this policy, and are the sole responsibility of the person paying for and making the copies outside of the rules and protections of this policy. The university will provide no protection for such activity.


The authority to interpret this policy rests with the president, and is generally delegated to the Associate Vice President for Business Services.

Previous Version:  September 2014
Approved by the President: August 2002

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