Policy 1337

Date of Current Revision: April 2017
Primary Responsible Officer: Director of Human Resources


This policy is designed to establish the rules and procedures for the university’s designation of an individual as a University Affiliate.


The Board of Visitors has been authorized by the Commonwealth of Virginia to govern James Madison University. See Code of Virginia § 23.1-1600; § 23.1-1301. The Board has delegated the authority to manage the university to the president.


An individual who has a formal affiliation with the university, and receives some services from the university, but is not a student or employee of the university, and receives no remuneration from the university. (Formal affiliation means that a necessary relationship exists between the university and the individual to provide a service of value to the university.)

Affiliate Coach
An individual who has been designated by JMU Intercollegiate Athletics as a volunteer coach in the Intercollegiate Athletics Programs.

Campus Minister
An individual who has been designated by Student Activities and Involvement as a recognized minister to a recognized student organization.

Contractor Affiliate
An individual who is employed by a contractor working on the university campus and/or assigned to work on the university campus in areas such as dining services, fundraising, the credit union, the bookstore, mail services, marketing, telecommunications, or construction sites.

Criminal Records Check
A review of an individual’s record of criminal convictions, traffic violations, and the National Sex Offender Registry.

Disability Access Affiliate
An individual who is recognized by an office on campus as a volunteer or working on assignment to provide services necessary to support disability accommodations and accessibility.  Disability Access Affiliates must have an end date on the affiliate form of not more than one calendar year and may be renewed on an as needed basis with the approval of the department head.

Emeritus Faculty
A retired instructional faculty or administrative & professional faculty member of the university who has been granted emeritus status by recommendation of the president and approval of the Board of Visitors. See Policy 2105-Emeritus Faculty.

Emeritus Staff
A retired classified staff member of the university who has been granted emeritus status by recommendation of the president and approval of the Board of Visitors. See Policy 1318- Emeritus Staff.

Health Services Affiliate
An individual who is designated by an office on campus as a volunteer or working on assignment to provide health-related services.

Highly Confidential Data
As described in JMU Policy 1205- Data Stewardship Policy, highly confidential data is any university data which, because of its associated legal restrictions or potential security ramifications, is authorized for use only on a very limited basis and only with special security precautions. When associated with name or other personal identifier, the following data are classified by the university as highly confidential:

  • Credit Card/Procurement Card Information
  • Banking Information (account/routing detail)
  • Social Security Number (Vendor ID)

Institution-related Foundation Affiliate
An individual who is employed by a James Madison University Institution-Related Foundation and is assigned to work on the university campus through the Division of University Advancement.

Institution-related Foundation (IRF)
As defined in the Comprehensive Standards of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools section 3.2.13, an institution-related foundation is a separately incorporated independent entity or organization existing to compliment an institution’s education purposes and contribute to its overall effectiveness. An IRF is not controlled by the university; instead it has established a contract or other formal agreement that (a) accurately describes the relationship between the institution and the foundation and (b) describes any liability associated with that relationship.

International Programs Faculty
An individual who is not an employee of the university, but provides instruction in one of the university’s Study Abroad Programs.

IT Affiliate
Information Technology contractors and/or vendors who have an established, on-going relationship with the university to deliver information technology services in support of their application(s) or under contract for services based on a statement of work. The affiliate relationship is based on either a contract with dates that are either fixed or based on contract with a yearly review and/or renewal. Affiliate status is provided in support of the specified statement of work and resulting schedule or the vendor contract, and will not exceed one year without deliberate renewal of the affiliate status by IT.

Military Science Affiliate
An individual who is employed by the United States Armed Forces and assigned to work on the university campus in the Military Sciences Department.

Any person under the age of eighteen years.

President’s Office Affiliate
An individual who has been designated by the President’s office as a recognized affiliate of the university.

Short-Term Affiliate
An individual who has a formal affiliation with the university, and receives some services from the university on short-term basis and may provide a variety of services for mutual benefit. These individuals may be students or faculty from other institutions studying or involved in research or a project at JMU; or employees transitioning in or out of the university who require occasional visits and/or communication with the university on a temporary basis. Short-term affiliates must have an end date on the affiliate form of not more than sixty days and may be renewed on an as needed basis with the approval of both the department head and Human Resources.

Sponsored Program Affiliate
An individual who is working on campus, usually with university faculty members on research pursuant to a sponsored program, project, contract, or grant, but is not employed by the university.

State Auditor
An individual who is employed by the Auditor of Public Accounts and assigned to work temporarily on the university campus.

Student Organization Affiliate
An individual who is designated by the Student Organization Services office as a volunteer for a registered student organization.

Teacher in Residence
An individual who is employed by a K-12 school district who volunteers to work with JMU students or who is participating in training/education on campus.

Visiting Professor
An individual who is employed by another university, but is temporarily working on the JMU campus.


This policy applies to all affiliates and to all services provided by the university for any affiliate.


University affiliates must be sponsored by a department of the university. The sponsoring department will determine which services will be made available to each affiliate, depending on their relationship with the university. The university reserves the right to modify and/or eliminate services to any affiliate without prior notification. Affiliate status is at the discretion of the university, and may be withdrawn at any time at the option of the university.

Affiliates are required to abide by all of the university’s policies, and they have no reasonable expectation of continuation of affiliate status.


To request affiliate status and services for an individual, the department sponsoring the affiliate must complete an Affiliate Service Request Form. The form must be signed by the department head and approved by the department head’s supervisor, up to and including the appropriate vice president, and kept on file in the sponsoring department. Once the requesting department has obtained the signatures for their internal “hard copy” documentation, the form is submitted electronically to Payroll Services for entry into the Human Resources/Payroll system (HRMS). Affiliate status will normally become effective within seven working days after receipt of the form.

Requests for specific services for an affiliate are listed on the Affiliate Service Request Form. The sponsoring department must designate which of the following service(s) are to be provided for the affiliate:

  • Affiliate JACard
  • Eligibility to purchase a parking permit
  • Eligibility to purchase meal plan (Not a form function. See Card Services website.)
  • JMU email
  • Library privileges
  • Recreational facilities (UREC) access 

All departments providing services reserve the right to allow or deny services to affiliates according to need and relationship with the university.

An individual who has had a criminal background check through contract or prior JMU employment within one year of his/her affiliate application will not be required to have another background check unless the person will be directly associated with minors and/or granted access to highly confidential data; including but not limited to social security numbers, credit cards and bank account information.  Departments must initiate the request for a background check with Human Resources by checking the appropriate boxes on the Affiliate Service Request Form. Departments will pay for the background checks.  Once Human Resources receives the Affiliate Service Request Form the affiliate will receive an email from JMU’s criminal background check vendor, Truescreen, with instructions on how to initiate their criminal background check. If the affiliate does not respond to this request within seven days a reminder email will be sent to the affiliate and the sponsoring department. If the affiliate fails to respond to the reminder within seven days Human Resources will terminate affiliate access. 

Once the background check is complete Human Resources will arrange for the records check to be conducted, will analyze the results, and will make the determination of eligibility for affiliate status under the terms of Policy 1321-Criminal Background Checks. Should HR determine that the individual is not eligible for affiliate status, it will communicate that determination to the sponsoring department, and the sponsoring department will not be allowed to extend affiliate status to the individual. Once an affiliate’s relationship with the university ends, all access to university owned/operated systems is immediately terminated.


Affiliates are responsible for abiding by all university policies.

It is the responsibility of the affiliate-sponsoring department to initiate the Affiliate Service Request Form, to maintain a file for all affiliates it sponsors, including copies of the documents authorizing the affiliate to receive services or access to systems, and to pay for the criminal records check. It is also the responsibility of the sponsoring department to notify Payroll Services when the individual no longer has affiliate status, or when services to the individual are to be stopped.

Human Resources will make arrangements for the criminal records check to be conducted for affiliates upon notification by the Affiliate Service Request Form, and will maintain the records as required under the guidelines of Policy 1109-Records Management. HR will notify the sponsoring department of the eligibility of each individual for affiliate status. It is the responsibility of the administration, up to and including vice presidents, to approve affiliate status and appropriate services or access for individuals sponsored by departments within their division.

Annually, Human Resources will produce an annual report by organization/unit for each affiliate sponsoring department to review the current affiliate status. Payroll Services will use this report to make appropriate changes in the HRMS.

Payroll Services is responsible for entering the data from the Affiliate Request Form into the HRMS, and for modifying the system once notified of the termination of affiliate status or services.


Sanctions will be commensurate with the severity and/or frequency of the offense and may include termination of employment for employees who do not adhere to this policy. Affiliates who violate university policy may lose their affiliate status.


This policy does not apply to faculty members who affiliate within the university with other academic units.

Only the affiliate member may have independent access to University Recreation (UREC) facilities. Spouses and dependents may use the facilities only when accompanied by the affiliate during designated family hours (Friday at 6:00 p.m. until Sunday at 6:00 p.m. during the academic year and all hours of operation during the summer and break periods.)


The authority to interpret this policy rests with the president, and is generally delegated to the Director of Human Resources.

Previous Version: October 2015
Approved by the President: February 2006

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