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Caitlyn Hart: Salamanca, Spain


Caitlyn Hart
Internship Location:
Mundo Viamar - Salamanca, Spain
Internship Title: Public Relations Coordinator/Media Developer
Major: Writing, Rhetoric and Technical Communication (WRTC) with a concentration in Technical and Scientific Communication
Minor: Business Spanish
Graduation Date: May 2021

In the spring of 2020, WRTC major, Caitlyn Hart, was studying abroad in Salamanca, Spain and completing an internship at a Spanish media company. Her study abroad and WRTC internship experience took a sudden turn that she never expected.

How did you find your internship?

Caitlyn Hart (WRTC '21) in Salamanca, Spain

I found my internship through my study abroad program. My director and I had spoken about how in previous years, students had interned while abroad here in Spain and I knew I was interested in something like this. We discussed a few different types of internships and ultimately decided working for a travel agency would be a great experience for what I wanted to do in my future.

What was your internship position?

I worked as a public relations consultant, from designing web content to writing travel blogs to translating with clients. For example, a typical day consisted of planning weekend trips to music festivals around Europe and then advertising them on Instagram and on our website. 

What was your favorite thing about this internship?

What I liked most about my job was that it was something I love to do and that I was rewarded for doing something I actually enjoy. Work in Spain was not actually “work” because it was fun to use my creative applications daily to design flyers, posts, etc. There was nothing I didn’t like, however, I would say the language barrier was the most difficult and frustrating part of my internship. 

Were there any surprises with your internship?

The biggest surprise was how laid back the environment was in Spain. Yes, it was a job and you had to be professional, but I did not realize how comfortable working in a business setting would be.

How did the pandemic impact your internship?

While my internship dealt with a lot of web design, it also was an experience for me to use my Spanish speaking skills and translation skills on a face-to-face basis. Because I was working abroad during the pandemic, I had to, unfortunately, travel back to the U.S. on a day's notice. Luckily, I was still able to work for Mundo Viamar in creating flyers and designing posts from my laptop at home. 

The biggest barrier with this huge change was the time difference and emailing. Phone calls were either super early or super late, etc. Just like everyone else, my schedule was changing. Maneuvering through this pandemic has definitely taught me to always be on your toes and to be ready for just about everything.

What do you want students to know?

If I had to give any advice about interning, it would be to take every chance and every opportunity, even if it isn’t quite what you had in mind. The relationships you build and the knowledge you gain will teach you way more than you think.

Do you think your internship will help in your future job searches?

My internship will most definitely open a lot of opportunities for my future. It has been the talk of every interview I have had so far - definitely a resume booster!!!

This was my first official internship to post on my resume and I could not be more grateful and appreciative for this opportunity!

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Published: Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Last Updated: Thursday, May 6, 2021

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