Kaitlin Pomerleau is awarded the Outstanding New Professional award


Our next award winner has proven to be an amazing resource for our entire division, leveraging their considerable knowledge and skills to help all of us better understand the power and impact of well-crafted and planned social media strategies and campaigns. In a time when most of us are struggling to grab the attention of our students, this individual makes it look easy.   

The nominator writes: I would like to nominate this individual for her excellence in connecting with students on social media, willingness to collaborate and train other staff members with marketing efforts, and her work during the pandemic.

She has spent numerous hours meeting with staff members across the division to assist them with their marketing and social media strategies, unlocking and decoding processes and approaches to help all of us increase our followers, our click-through rates, subscribers, likes, double taps, and more.

During her time at JMU, she has grown UREC’s Instagram followers from approximately five thousand to over 12,500 due to the engaging and student-focused messages her team creates.

During the pandemic, she put in tremendous work in collaborating with the UREC programming team to put an enormous amount of educational and programmatic content online for students to access. She was also responsible for every social media post and sign each time pandemic restrictions and protocols changes.

This year, with the integration of the Health Promotions area into UREC marketing efforts, she fully committed to ensuring their important messages and programs were promoted as thoroughly as possible.

For all these reasons, we are proud to present this Outstanding New Professional award to Kaitlin Pomerleau.

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Published: Thursday, June 9, 2022

Last Updated: Thursday, November 2, 2023

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