Gloria Mast is awarded the Dr. Jim McConnel Values Award


This award is presented to an individual or group who demonstrates a strong and lasting commitment to the central values of Student Affairs:

  • focusing on students,
  • leading courageously,
  • transcending boundaries,
  • creating belonging,
  • advancing diversity, equity and inclusion,
  • embracing innovation and change,
  • and honoring and valuing our staff.

Of this year’s winner, our nominator writes: This individual has been a courageous champion of focusing on students, creating belonging, and valuing our staff since they first started working at JMU, however, the past year has truly highlighted their dedication to students and staff.

They are a courageous leader, willing to offer different perspectives and to speak for those whose voices are not in the room. Through an approach that is both personable and warm, this individual offers an example of true servant leadership, going beyond the physical boundaries of their office and role to offer support to students, their families, and colleagues across campus.

One of their greatest gifts is the ability to create belonging and to honor and value each staff member. This might be accomplished through a small but incredibly meaningful note or card, a flower arrangement, chocolate, or a care package to express support and appreciation.

The office in which this individual works supports students and their families during some of the most difficult and painful times in their life, and she graciously offers care and resources that are a light of hope in those dark moments. She meets each student with an overwhelming warmth and sense of care, while also supporting the other helpers in the Dean of Students office and across campus who are experiencing vicarious trauma.

The nominator writes that they have observed her in her office very late and very early, sending emails at all times of the day and night, being a presence on campus during weekends and holidays when needed during crises, serving students and their families wherever they need support (even in the residence halls or the police station), and always doing so with care.

We see these words over and over in the nomination letter: care, support, and warmth.

Finally, the nominator writes: We are so fortunate to have someone who demonstrates this caliber of character, personal and professional values as well as dedication to the University! I hope that this award can be a way to let Gloria know that her work and commitment is seen.

I am proud to present this year’s Dr. Jim McConnel Values Award to Gloria Mast.

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Published: Thursday, June 9, 2022

Last Updated: Thursday, November 2, 2023

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