Pathfinders pave the way


by Mira Dover


The Student Leadership Center (SLC) has created an exciting new team called the Pathfinders as a resource for students and organizations. Previously, the LEAD Team was connected to the SLC, and another group, Outriggers, was connected to Student Activities and Involvement. The functions of the two groups were “very, very important and highly valued,” says Michael McCleve, Associate Director for Student Life, Student Leadership Center, but confusing. Students and organizations weren’t clear on which leadership group they should reach out to. Another inequality between the two teams? One consisted of students who were paid and one didn’t.

“After quite a bit of discussion it was decided that the best plan was to take the functions of these two organizations and merge them into a single team,” says McCleve. So, SLC hired eight students who met in January for the first time for a four-day retreat. Part of the function of the retreat was to choose a name—and “Pathfinders” was the choice that encompassed the many jobs of the SLC group. 

“It was a very unique application process, unlike anything else I've applied to before. I started off with constructing an ‘elevator pitch’ [on]... why I could bring positive attributes to this new team,” says Olivia Scanlon, a first-year Pathfinder. “I am so fortunate to be surrounded by such positive, motivated people and they inspire me to keep learning and to reach my full potential.”

Now, Pathfinders promote leadership among students and organizations by developing workshops and team-building exercises, facilitating discussions, and helping organizations come together. “My favorite part of Pathfinders is the closeness our group has and the way we are able to exchange ideas freely and share our opinions,” says Kristen Minbiole, another student in Pathfinders. “Having that support from others has made this job so much fun!”

Students and organizations looking to use SLC’s fantastic resources can find them here. If you’re curious about your options but don’t know where to start, you can email with any questions. Still stuck? Try this SLC Help Request form.

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Published: Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Last Updated: Thursday, November 2, 2023

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