BSA gets down for Homecoming


by Mira Dover


The Black Student Alliance (BSA) is an on-campus organization that “serves as an advocate of the Black voices on campus and exposes all of JMU to new ideas,” according to the BSA Instagram page (@jmu_bsa). To Mellissa Jackson, the BSA Treasurer, “The word alliance is heavily found in our organization. We try to bring students together—not just POC students. Our events are not only meant for one [group]. They’re for anybody.”

BSA’s most recent event, the Get Down invites students of all backgrounds to “get down” with games, music and other fun activities. “I feel like this event helps show another side of JMU,” Jackson said.

The event was just one of many during JMU’s Homecoming. “Homecoming is about bringing students together,” said Layla Peterson, the BSA Special Events Coordinator. “Everyone has tension with exams, so this is a way to break from that and enjoy fellowship with other students.”

Both Jackson and Peterson joined BSA last year, and both have found it rewarding in the people they’ve met and the experiences they’ve had. “My major is SMAD, so [my favorite part] is coming up with videos and fun things for students to see,” said Peterson, who designs posters and other media to advertise BSA events.

Students who are interested in joining BSA can go to their Instagram Linktree and fill out the membership form. “I think the black student alliance is about uplifting black student voices but also uplifting anybody’s voice,” Jackson said.

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Published: Monday, November 28, 2022

Last Updated: Thursday, November 2, 2023

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