"...A little marketing agency within The Union."

A look into the Student Affairs Communications and Marketing team.

by Mira Dover


Student Affairs Communications and Marketing (SACM) is hiring! Never heard of us? “SACM is a resource for departments across Student Affairs,” said SACM Marketing Coordinator, Courtney Morse. “We have clients throughout Student Affairs that will come to us with specific requests in mind.” SACM covers photo, video, graphic design, writing, content strategy, web and gallery, and is looking for students with interest and experience in those concentrations.

“It’s kind of a little marketing agency within The Union,” said Haley Gillespie, a junior Graphic Design major. She is in her second semester working for SACM as a Student Graphic Designer. Like the other student positions, Gillespie attends a weekly meeting and works on projects during her office hours. “The environment is super fun and personable. I’ve made a lot of friends and professional relationships. I feel like I can come in here when I’m not working and work on homework or talk to someone.”

Currently fifteen student employees and five professional staff make up SACM, and the positions they hold provide real-world experiences for the students' future careers. “My day-to-day work life deals with contacting my client to get initial details about the project I’m working on to start brainstorming ideas,” said Gillespie. “I have the autonomy to email [clients] myself, work on the project and get out the deliverables. I’ve learned that there’s a lot more that goes into the design process than just creating something. It’s much more three-dimensional.”

The great thing about the real-world experience that SACM provides, is that students can hold unfamiliar positions in a low-stakes environment. “Something on a personal level that I’ve learned is whether or not I want to do content strategy in the future,” said Logan Boilen, senior Media Arts and Design major. Like Gillespie, Boilen started last semester and works as a Student Content Strategist. Through the professional experience SACM provides, students can decide what they like and don't like about the career fields they hope to go into in the future.

The environment itself is a rewarding experience too. “I like all of the people who work here,” said Boilen. “I think everyone is very friendly. I like working in the office because it’s really productive.” Morse agreed, noting that the office is a “great place for collaboration” because of the friendly and lively atmosphere. Additionally, Morse said, “It's a great experience, and it’s a real experience. You experience the successes of working with clients.”

If you have an interest or background in photo, video, graphic design, content strategy or gallery, please consider applying to Student Affairs Communications and Marketing. We can’t wait to meet you!

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Published: Thursday, February 10, 2022

Last Updated: Thursday, February 24, 2022

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