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Can’t Believe It: T-Pain Takes Over Convo


The end of the academic year at JMU traditionally carries a lot of stress. The heavy workload of classes, impending graduation, and finding summer jobs pile up and create anxiety amongst the community. As the semester winds down, students need a distraction. UPB heard this cry for help and knew that there’s no better way for students to revive their spirit than with some great music. This year’s annual Spring Concert, held on April 16, was set to be the best concert JMU has hosted so far. tpain concert 2

Last semester, UPB released a survey to students to determine which performer would headline the event. The student body overwhelmingly chose T-Pain, famed musician most popular for his songs Buy U a Drank and Best Love Song. 

Corinne Brady, a freshman engineering major, said that she was, “[excited] for the whole atmosphere of the concert.” 

This excitement was exemplified by the sheer number of people who got to the Convocation Center an hour before the doors opened in hopes that they might get a seat closer to the stage.

Freshman engineering major Ban Mansoor echoed this excitement, as she was able to snag some of the coveted tickets for the pit. She expressed her anticipation for the event by stating “I’m excited to be very close up [to the stage] and see what that’s like. I’ve never been to a concert close up. 

It’s often difficult for students to find the time or the money to attend concerts while at school. The opportunity that UPB provides to see such well-known artists like T-Pain creates unforgettable experiences for the students of JMU.  

tpain concert 3

As the doors opened and students found their seats, it was obvious that this was going to be a crowded event. Loud murmurs from the crowd carried on until the music began, creating a sense of unity among the large crowd.

Opening the event was the DJ duo Two Friends. Their Big Bootie remixes are their claim for fame, as evident by the enthusiastic response from the crowd when asked: “Who here loves Big Bootie Mixes?”  With their contagious energy and lively jams, it was obvious that the two performers knew how to hype up the crowd. Before their time on stage was up, the duo threw hats and t-shirts into the pit, giving a few attendees unique memorabilia from the event to commemorate an amazing night. 

After Two Friends left the stage, the crowd anxiously awaited T-Pain’s arrival. The excitement was palpable as the crowd began chanting “We want T-Pain!” Suddenly, smoke covered the stage and the lights began to change. The anticipated performance had begun. 

tpain concert 4

The second that T-Pain stepped on stage, the energy of the room shifted. His exuberant confidence was showcased in his skilled dance moves and masterful vocals. What had once been a rowdy crowd was instantly transformed into one that was engulfed by the powerful performance happening on the stage. The concert exceeded all expectations and proved to be a showcase for the talent that T-Pain possesses.

As the night progressed, T-Pain performed his own original songs, including Up Down, as well as covers. Thanks to the hard work done by the dedicated members of UPB, students were able to experience an unforgettable night of fun, music, and dancing. This is exactly what the campus needed in order to have a strong finish to a great year at JMU. 

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Published: Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Last Updated: Saturday, January 2, 2021

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