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Escape Deep Sea Danger at UPBreak Free!


Do you like mysteries? Do you feel like challenging yourself with an elaborate puzzle? On Saturday, March 30th, from 4-10PM, UPB is hosting an escape room competition on Festival Lawn! If you’d like to compete, sign up online or head over to the Student Activities and Involvement office. You must compete with a team of 10 people. Each team will be given a time slot of 30 minutes to find a way to escape. Each member of the group with the fastest time will receive their own free pass to any movie at Grafton! 

 At the escape room you’ll be presented with the exhilarating scenario of being trapped in a submarine after an explosion rips through its hull, shutting down the engine. Your team’s mission is to find a way to restart the engines. However, to figure that out you’ll have to search through the mysterious captain’s quarters. Will you be able to escape before the submarine’s air supply runs out?  

 To sign up, head to  

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Published: Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Last Updated: Saturday, January 2, 2021

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