SMAD Day 2022 to feature plenty of career advice, networking

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By Meirra McChristian, staff writer

SMAD students in search of career advice, job-hunting tips and networking opportunities with alumni will have that chance Friday, Oct. 21, during this year’s SMAD Day events

SMAD Day, which will go from 9 a.m.–4 p.m. across various rooms in Harrison Hall, will include a resume/portfolio review, career-focused panel discussions with alumni, a student and alumni lunch with hotdogs, and will end with an informal networking opportunity.

Caroline Rodda, a senior in the Creative Advertising concentration, attended last year's SMAD Day event and plans to participate this year. 

“Last year, I learned so much from the panels and sessions. I left feeling way more confident in my future career prospects than before SMAD Day,” Rodda said. “I also can't wait to see all of SMAD come together, across all concentrations, to attend the event.” 

This year’s panels, scheduled from 1:45-3 p.m., will be broken down by career topic instead of by concentration. Those topics include:

  • "How to land that first job,” with alumni discussing their paths to employment (Harrison 1261). 
  • “Following your passion and purpose,” which will focus on meshing one’s interests and career (Harrison 2105). 
  • “Mastering media gig work,” where alumni will provide insight into the world of freelancing and consulting and other roles in the gig economy (Harrison 0102). 
  • and “Career surprises,” which will cover, well, all kinds of surprises (Harrison 1241).

This event will allow SMAD majors to gain insight into multiple job opportunities related to their concentrations, how to manage time to have an updated online portfolio and information on what can occur after graduation. 

Mastan Rashid, a Creative Advertising concentration student, said she recommends SMAD Day to everyone regardless of whether they’re a sophomore or senior. 

“It's such an amazing opportunity to learn about different fields and improve on our own resumes/portfolios,”  said Rashid. “I also got to attend events that were outside of my concentration, which I found very interesting.” 

Hannah Patterson, who was a DVC concentration student and who graduated in May 2021, said she is looking forward to a chance to inform present/future SMAD students on how to network, including with alumni.  

“Remember that at the end of the day you’re marketing yourself and your skills to these people. You want to be making a good impression,” Patterson said. 

She said you never know when someone you meet at SMAD Day might connect you with an opportunity, for instance if after connecting with a SMAD graduate, that person might learn of a job opening, “and they say, ‘I spoke to this person at SMAD Day and I remember talking to them — they sound like they would be a good fit … let me pass along that information.’” 

Catherine Eunice, who graduated from the School of Art in 1991 before the SMAD program was established, said she is thrilled to return and always wanted to give back to the students, hopefully imparting some tidbits of information that she has collected along the way. 

“I wanted to speak to the students about the fact that they have so many good intentions and so many positive ideas about what they want to do but also there are twists and turns in the career,” Eunice said. “I like to talk to the students here about their questions and want to tell them a little bit about stories that I come across with colleagues [about] how they do have a fulfilling career and it may have not been what they thought coming out of college that they are doing exactly what they wanted to do.” 

Professor Dietrich Maune, who is in charge of overseeing this year’s career panels, said many of the alumni on the panels were recommended by faculty from each of SMAD’s four concentrations.

“SMAD Day is a great opportunity to learn from those who are in the profession and were once sitting in the classroom just as current students are today,” Maune said. “Relationships are important at all stages of our education and profession, and it is a great opportunity to connect.”


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Published: Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Last Updated: Thursday, April 25, 2024

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