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SMAD Students Won Deloitte Digital Design Challenge


On Tuesday, September 24th, Deloitte Digital and SMAD sponsored the Deloitte Digital Design Challenge, a recruiting event designed to engage students in a real-world design challenge.

Deloitte Digital invited 36 students from SMAD and the College of Business to develop a solution for a client’s new business opportunity. Working in six teams, students had 90 minutes to consider the client’s issues and customer concerns and then propose a solution. The teams then presented their proposals to a panel of judges. The judges unanimously selected the proposal presented by the following students:

Tristian Loayza - Media Arts and Design & Marketing double major
Madalyn Sica - Media Arts and Design
Nicole Piliaskas - Accounting & Management Double Major
Cheryl Liu - Media Arts and Design
Caitlin Ladd - Psychology
John Rau - Finance

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Published: Friday, October 4, 2019

Last Updated: Saturday, January 2, 2021

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