New eVA - Campus Update April 2022


Good morning eVA Users,

The eVA Team in Richmond has officially decided to go forward with the launch of New eVA on May 2nd.

Given some unresolved bugs in New eVA, Procurement is pushing back the use of New eVA for campus users to May 9th. It is imperative that departments place orders for needed supplies now, and no later than April 25th, for items needed the first few weeks of May. To be clear, once we can open eVA back up to campus users, on or before May 9th, normal purchasing can resume for small dollar items, large dollar purchases with contracted vendors, and other normal end-of-fiscal year activities within eVA. We do want to remind departments that supply chain and component shortages continue to result in very long lead times for many items (computers, monitors, etc.) and that some of these items will not arrive in time to ensure payment can be made before the end of the fiscal year.

Be sure to sign-up for Up and Running with New eVA training sessions, which will be hosted via Zoom. The New eVA Transition Guide will be available soon, but we expect there will be several updates we will need to make right at go live. As a result, be mindful of printing the first version.

If you are interested in helping test New eVA the week of May 2nd and know your department will have orders to place, please complete this survey. Procurement will contact you in the coming weeks to let you know if you have been selected to help with this process.


 Countdown to New eVA - Dates to Remember

** Denotes revised date from previous timeline

When What Notes

April 18th

Requisition deadline for large dollar purchases (before eVA cutover)

To ensure large dollar requisitions, $10,000 or greater, can be fully approved before the launch of New eVA and meet the fiscal year end deadline, they should be submitted by this date.

Any requisition that is in composing or submitted status will NOT be converted into new eVA and will be permanently deleted. 

April 11th –  April 29th

New eVA training sessions begin

Procurement will begin hosting Up and Running with New eVA sessions via Zoom, sign-up here.

April 25th

Requisition deadline for small dollar purchases and  small dollar confirming orders that do not need Procurement approval (before eVA cutover)

If your requisition requires supervisor approval be sure to coordinate with them to ensure the PR is fully approved by April 27th.

April 28th

Current eVA goes offline

The current eVA platform will no longer be accessible starting at noon on this date.

May 2nd 

New eVA goes live

Plan to NOT use New eVA the first week after launch. This will give Procurement time to test and verify the new system is running as expected.

**May 9th


New eVA ready for campus use

We anticipate that eVA will be ready for campus use by this date, but this is subject to change. Normal purchasing can resume for small dollar items and large dollar purchases with contracted vendors.

**May 9th  June 

New eVA open labs and on-demand training hosted

More information on how to sign-up for these sessions will be offered at later date.

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Published: Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Last Updated: Monday, May 16, 2022

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