Changes Coming to eVA on October 15th


Update from 10/14:

We wanted to let you know that after further conversations, eVA will no longer be removing the ability to ad-hoc a vendor into eVA in the current platform. However, any ad-hoc vendor orders entered into eVA will not be converted into New eVA. As a result, we still highly encourage you to get a COVA W-9 or Federal W-9 for vendors so we can get them state-entered into eVA.

The ad-hoc process in the New eVA platform will look different and we will have more information on that at a later date.


We have been alerted by eVA that beginning October 15th the ability to ad-hoc a vendor will be removed from the current eVA platform. In the new eVA platform, it is our current understanding, the ad-hoc process will look different, have a different name, and we will include it in our communications as we learn more.

What does this mean for you?

If you have previously ad-hoc’ a vendor into eVA, starting October 15th you MUST be able to get a COVA W-9 (or a federal W-8 for International vendors, see topic below about if paying on an SPCC) and then submit it to, so we can state-enter the vendor for you. There will not be an alternative way to enter a vendor into eVA. This also means that you will need to request a COVA W-9 or federal W-8 for International vendors before purchasing from a vendor that is not already in eVA. It takes about two business days for our office to process an accurately completed COVA W-9/federal W-8 and then up to five business days before a state-entered vendor is approved by eVA, so it will be imperative that you submit any requests well in advance of the SPCC reconciliation deadline.

Why is this change happening?

eVA has decided to no longer allow the entry of ad-hoc vendors and will require a vendor to be state-entered or self-registered. We have reached out along with other entities that use eVA to express our concerns over this change, but at this time eVA is adamant about removing the ability to ad-hoc vendors. There is an issue with the data conversion of orders to ad-hoc vendors from the current eVA to New eVA.

What if I’m paying on my SPCC or have already paid the vendor with my SPCC?

If you are unable to get a COVA W-9, we will attempt to have them state-entered with a federal W-9. Submit the federal W-9 to

What If I have a vendor that won’t provide a W-8 or W-9?

If you have an order you know you need to place with a vendor that is not in eVA and will not provide a W-9/W-8, you need to place those orders into eVA before October 15th.

What is Procurement doing?

Our staff has been actively pressing eVA and DGS to reconsider the removal of ad-hoc vendors, however, because of the data conversion issues with ad-hoc vendors they are unwilling to keep the ad-hoc option available in the current eVA system.

How can I see if a vendor is already in eVA?

Outside of eVA, you can search on the public eVA vendor search page. Inside of eVA, you can search for a vendor by their name or tax ID number on the line item supplier search screen.


 Ad-Hoc Removal in Current eVA Search Step

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Published: Friday, September 17, 2021

Last Updated: Friday, October 15, 2021

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