Changes to Departmental Delegation and Purchasing Policy Related to the Use of SWaM Businesses


Departmental Delegation Increase:

JMU Finance and JMU Procurement Services are excited to announce that the current departmental delegation of $4,999.99 will increase to $10,000.00 starting on Monday, September 16th.   JMU’s Level III delegation made it possible for us to make this change, and we’re excited about the efficiencies it will create for many departments across campus.  Departmental SPCC transaction limits will increase to $10,000.00 and eVA orders, except for normally restricted items, will not flow through Procurement Services until the purchase is over $10,000.00.  Increased Departmental Delegation Frequently Asked Questions provide details about the increased delegation.

New Governor’s Executive Order 35; Advancing Equity for Small-, Women-, Minority-, and Serviced Disabled Veteran-Owned Businesses In State Contracting:

On July 3rd the Governor issued Executive Order 35 which requires Executive Branch Agencies, including Higher Education Institutions to implement the requirements of the EO into their policies and procedures.  While JMU has championed a robust SWaM initiative for many years, we must make further adjustments to comply with the EO.  For purchases $10k and under departments on campus are advised to seek out Certified Micro Small businesses or vendors that are already on approved Term Contracts first.  Purchases not made to Certified Micro Small businesses or using approved Term Contracts must have documentation in your files to reflect your efforts to source with a Certified Micro Small business.  There are a few exceptions, information on finding and sourcing from Certified Micro Small firms, and more is in our Executive Order 35 Frequently Asked Questions.

 JMU Finance and JMU Procurement Services are here to assist you with any questions.  These topics will be covered in upcoming Finance Forums and Procurement User Groups being held prior to the end of the calendar year. 

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Published: Monday, September 9, 2019

Last Updated: Tuesday, May 26, 2020

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