2013 March QEP Email Series

The Madison Collaborative - Eight Questions

2013 QEP Email Series
Quality Enhancement Plan: The Madison Collaborative

Dear Colleagues and Students, 

Over the last few weeks, I have been sending emails to you presenting our Quality Enhancement Plan, The Madison Collaborative: Ethical Reasoning in Action. Hopefully you have had a chance to visit the QEP website and view the videos. As you may already know, at the core of The Madison Collaborative are “Eight Key Questions.”

As part of the continuing effort to raise campus awareness about the effort, please take a moment look at the entire series of four videos about The Madison Collaborative. One edition features faculty members describing the background and foundations of The Madison Collaborative. Another delves deeply into how students will be taught ethical reasoning skills. Yet another gives specific examples of how professors envision integrating the “Eight Key Questions” into existing course work. It’s a fascinating look at how The Madison Collaborative can make its way into nearly every discipline across the curriculum.   

You will enjoy hearing from your colleagues and your professors about how this intriguing and rigorous approach will work across the curriculum and co-curriculum. 

The final edition features QEP steering committee chair Lee Sternberger describing how The Madison Collaborative came to be and how it will be implemented during the next five years. Dr. Sternberger provides a detailed discussion of the process we followed to develop the QEP, how student ethical reasoning skills will be assessed, funding for the effort and a timeline. I encourage you to watch the entire program as it provides a great deal of detail on this important effort.

Our accrediting body, the SACS Commission on Colleges, will be here for their campus visit during the first week of April. Along with working to reaffirm our accreditation, we will be seeking approval of our QEP. This is an exciting venture for our university and has the potential to transform JMU into a community recognized for producing thoughtful, engaged citizens who apply ethical reasoning to confront the challenges of the world. 

View the videos here:

Learn more about the QEP at

Jonathan R. Alger

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Published: Thursday, March 14, 2013

Last Updated: Wednesday, June 8, 2016

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