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The James Madison Undergraduate Research Journal Editorial Board is pleased to announce the publication of JMURJ Volume Two.

Over the past two years, JMURJ has received research and scholarship submissions from students in more than thirty academic disciplines, across all six JMU undergraduate colleges, and has enlisted the efforts of over seventy JMU faculty reviewers.

Volume Two features research and scholarship from three colleges—Arts and Letters, Science and Mathematics, and Health and Behavioral Studies—and four majors—History, Biology, Writing, Rhetoric and Technical Communication, and Psychology.

  • Robert Sharp shares the moral and immoral implications of sex and sexuality in early Rome in “Incontinentia, Licentia, et Libido: The Juxtaposition of Morality and Sexuality during the Roman Republic.”
  • Hayley Norian introduces readers to mycobacteriophages—viruses parasitic to mycobacteria—and their potential use in combatting numerous human pathogens in “A Bioinformatics Approach to Revealing the Genetic Basis for Host Range Specificity.”
  • Juliana Garabedian analyzes how Disney’s portrayal of princesses sets a precedent for how children perceive themselves and are perceived in modern society in “Animating Gender Roles: How Disney is Redefining the Modern Princess.”
  • Stephanie Guilman argues that psychotherapy clinics in the United States should hire and train multilingual counselors to improve communication with patients in “Beyond Interpretation: The Need for English-Spanish Bilingual Psychotherapists in Counseling Centers.”

We are proud to offer a platform for undergraduate students to publish and share their research and scholarship with their audiences here at JMU and beyond. Check out Volume Two and then join us in our Volume Three effort to create and extend rich ongoing relationships with students, faculty, and scholarly organizations across James Madison University.

Published: Sunday, November 1, 2015

Last Updated: Wednesday, January 24, 2018

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