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Subject: What’s Special About Thursday, April 27, 2017?

The Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Foundation has designated Thursday, April 27 as Take Our Daughters and Sons To Work© Day; an opportunity to create an enriching educational experience for our daughters and sons, nephews, nieces, grandchildren, and even our neighbors’ and friends’ children. 

“Designed to be more than a career day, the Take Our Daughters and Sons To Work© Day program goes beyond the average practice of "shadowing" an adult. For over 16 years, individuals, families, organizations, and workplaces have joined the Day. Exposing girls and boys…to what a parent or mentor in their lives does during the work day is important, but showing them the value of their education, helping them discover the power and possibilities associated with a balanced work and family life, and providing them an opportunity to share how they envision the future and begin steps toward their end goals in a hands-on and interactive environment is key to their achieving success.”

Carolyn McKecuen, program administrator

A bit of history:

1992-The Ms. Foundation for Women in New York City and its president, Marie C. Wilson and its founder Gloria Steinem began discussion over research finding that young women’s loss of self-esteem was one of the reasons they were not doing well in schools and were making poor life choices. Carolyn McKecuen, a business consultant at the time, played an integral role in the development of the program.

2002-10th Anniversary! It was decided that young men could benefit as well, so they were added to the program and the focus was broadened to work, life, family and community.


JMU encourages you to create your own personal agenda to embrace the day, or a portion of it, in a way that is meaningful to you and a child.

A few necessary details to take into consideration before planning your day:

  • Seek your supervisor’s approval first.
  • Activities must comply with departmental policies.
  • Children 8-15 years of age may participate provided there is parental or mentor supervision always.
  • Check-in with your co-workers to see if they would be okay with possible distractions.
  • Don’t forget to plan the visit around important meetings, tasks, events that are occurring.
  • Some areas of your work environment may contain hazards for children and should be avoided.
  • Does your child’s school consider this an excused absence?

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Brought to you by the university’s Work/Life Balance and Wellness Council 

Published: Thursday, April 6, 2017

Last Updated: Wednesday, January 2, 2019

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