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Contributor: Weiwei Xu


Weiwei's Spring Break photo

Hello!! Are you looking forward to Spring Break?

I went to Miami and Bahamas for my spring break last year, it was super awesome! I met lots of great people and had some new experiences! I hope you can feel the sunshine and warm weather there through this photo!

Shortly after Spring Break, I had the unique opportunity to take part in the inauguration of new president on March 15 2013. It was a historic moment for our community. Not only did I get to attend this historical moment, but I was also one of the volunteers involved in the flag parade. It was a great chance to get engaged in this great event and to represent the many different countries represented at JMU. 

Nevertheless one of the bigger events that I was also involved with was the International Student Leadership Conference. Over 230 students from around the world attended the conference representing about 65 different countries! I have now attended the International Student Leadership Conference for the past three years and I would urge you to attend this upcoming conference. Check out this video

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Published: Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Last Updated: Tuesday, November 7, 2017

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