Two Helpful Apps for Anxiety and Self-Harm



There are times where your clinician, friends and support system may not be available. Sometimes they are available, but you want to practice handling your anxiety and self-harm urges on your own. Below are two apps that you can access 24/7 to assist with fears, anxiety, overwhelming emotions, distress, and self-harm urges. With Calm Harm, you take control of your thoughts and ride the wave that comes when urges of self-harm arise. Even if you don't experience urges to self-harm, Calm Harm can assist in dealing with overwhelming emotional reactions and periods of intense distress.

Calm Harm was designed to help aid in reducing thoughts of self-harm and anxiety by using evidence-based therapy called Dialectical Behavior Therapy. Primarily used for impulse control and emotional regulation, this type of assistance helps individuals learn to identify and manage their emotional mind, track underlying triggers, and harmful urges.

Calm Harm provides different categories that users are able to rely on to ride out the wave of self-harm. These categories include:

  • Distract: Helps you with learning self-control
  • Comfort: Helps you care rather than harm
  • Express Yourself: Helps you get harmful feelings out in a healthy way
  • Release: Helps provide safe alternatives to self-injury
  • Breath: Helps you increase relaxation and increase feeling calm



You can select activity blocks of 5 minutes or 15 minutes, whatever you need for the self-harm urge, or intense emotions to pass. Calm Harm lets you practice new skills, restructure your thoughts, monitor your progress and feel more confident that you can handle these situations.

Calm Harm is free to download on any device and can be found in the App Store and Google Play. Calm Harm does not collect any personal information and is an aid to treatment, but does not replace it.


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“The fear of threat or anxiety is like a strong gust of wind, it drags you in and makes you want to fight it or to run away. Instead, face your fear, reduce the threat and glide.”

With Clear Fear, users can face their fears, alter anxious behaviors, and change anxious thoughts and emotions. Using an evidence-based Cognitive Behavioral framework, Clear Fear assists users in regulating their physiological responses through relaxation and breathing, challenging unhelpful ways of thinking, overcoming avoidance, facing certain phobias, and reducing over-checking in obsessive-compulsive disorder. Users can create a customized plan for dealing with their fear and anxiety.


Clear Fear provides multiple resources to address anxiety; opportunities for emotional expression, goal-setting, cognitive restructuring, general anxiety information, self-monitoring, resilience building, and helpful alternative resources such as inspirational quotes, GIFs, jokes, worry logs, and mindfulness exercises. Clear Fear also provides an Immediate Help intervention for panic attacks.








Clear Fear is free to download on both the Apple Store and Google Play. Clear Fear is an alternative resource that compliments current medical treatment but does not replace it.


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Published: Monday, November 18, 2019

Last Updated: Friday, November 22, 2019

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