Jonathan Kilgore Alum Profile


This week we will continue our series of learning from past tutors and how their experience, skills and values learned at the Communication Center can be applied to their current job. 

We talked to JPicture of center alum Jonathan Kilgore on a plastic animalonathan Kilgore about his experience….

I was only a tutor at the communication center for one year but I wish I had begun so much earlier. The friendly environment, ability to work one on one and with small groups of students, and the great staff were some of my favorite things about working there. It was always such a great feeling to see students grow from their sessions with me and see how much I could affect people and their development. And the staff was always very supportive and challenged me to always be better than I was before. 

Currently I am employed as an executive team leader of guest experience at Target. Which is essentially a fancy way of saying I'm in charge of a team of about 50 people who run the front of the store (guest service desk, cashiers, Pizza Hut express, and Starbucks). Working at the communication center has helped me immensely with my confidence in my abilities as a leader and as a problem solver. A lot of my job is helping to develop and coach my team members to achieve not only the best business results for Target, but their own personal growth goals within the company. At the communication center, every session starts with an establishment of expectations and then making it clear that your student will be held accountable to those; it is the same with my job at target. All team members know my expectations and know I will hold them accountable. My time at the communication center has been invaluable in helping me with my current job and I would recommend it to anyone looking for great experiences and a great place to work.

Last Updated: Wednesday, January 24, 2018

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