Workshop on Intercultural Skills Enhancement


SUMMARY: Pictured (l-r): Dr. Chris Hass, Dausny Cruz, Rilie Bass, Dr. Kris Wiley

intercultural-hass.pngOn February 8-10, a team of College of Education faculty and pre-service teachers attended the Workshop on Intercultural Skills Enhancement at Wake Forest University in North Carolina. Dr. Chris Hass and Dr. Kris Wiley presented with two future history teachers, Dausny Cruz and Rilie Bass, on their experience at the 2023 Prishtina International Summer University in Kosovo. The conference focuses on the development of intercultural skills in higher education through study abroad, virtual exchange, and domestic programs across cultural distance. The COE team talked specifically about the role of culture in schooling and the development of global identity through reflective practice and intentional communication. 

Dr. Hass will be taking five students back to Kosovo this summer for the 2024 Institute, continuing to develop a longitudinal community of practice among COE students, staff, faculty, and alumni.


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by Kris Wiley

Published: Monday, February 12, 2024

Last Updated: Monday, April 22, 2024

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