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SUMMARY: Dr. Maryam Sharifian (EERE) has received two different grants to improve teacher preparation and address equality in early childhood education.

Dr. Maryam Sharifian (Early, Elementary, & Reading Education) has recently received two significant grants: 

Preschool Development Grant

From the Virginia Early Childhood Foundation she received $100,013 to address barriers of quality preschool education within community-based settings, develop shared curriculum and assessment, and enhance teacher qualifications through individualized professional development plans.

Interactive Family and Community Engagements OER for Teachers

Also, a collaboration between VCU, University of Virginia and James Madison University that will create a suite of interactive module-based resources to support teacher preparation focusing on partnerships among educators, families, and communities. These resources will incorporate microlearning performance supports, including the use of simulation and case studies, to address the need for educators to responsively engage with families within birth- grade 12 educational contexts. The project team members are Adria Hoffman, Ph.D., Anna Lou Schaberg Professor Of Practice (VCU), Christine Spence, Ph.D., Assistant Professor (VCU), Judy Paulick, Ph.D., Assistant Professor (UVA), and Maryam S. Sharifian, Ph.D., Assistant Professor (JMU).

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Published: Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Last Updated: Wednesday, January 19, 2022

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