Syria Regime Using Cluster Munitions in Bombing Campaign on Civilians in Idlib


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(Middleeast Monitor) Over the past month, the Syrian regime and its ally, Russia, have been carrying out a bombing campaign on Idlib in the north-west of the country, with the United Nations’ Commission of Inquiry on Syria (COI) having already highlighted in October that Syria is experiencing fighting at its “worst point in four years”.

One of those attacks hit the town of Termanin in northern Idlib on 6 October, killing two civilians and injuring nine others, upon impact. According to the HRW report, however, it was no ordinary strike but, instead, utilised cluster munitions, a fact that was confirmed the next day when a nine-year-old boy picked up a munition which failed to detonate earlier, subsequently injuring him and three others.

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Published: Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Last Updated: Wednesday, November 8, 2023

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